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  • Develop An Eye For Underwater Photography

    Develop An Eye For Underwater Photography

    I have a pet saying that I repeat every time I teach a photo workshop. You can buy the best camera in the world but if you never develop an eye for the image, all you’ll end up with is technically perfect crap. It’s like the old joke, “It’s not the size of the wand; it’s the skill of the …Read More »

  • Spearfisher Wins Struggle with Monster Lingcod

    CDN:The Underwater Hunter course here in Sacramento (  is going great. Each student truly raves about the course and comes away with a better understanding of what is legal. The DFG Finfish and Shellfish Identification books really make a difference in teaching this course. This is one of the divers on a recent Underwater Hunter class trip to the North …Read More »

  • How to Develop A Good Relationship with Your Dive Store (Part 2)

    Last month, we gave you some common-sense (at least from a store owner’s perspective) ideas on how to develop a good relationship with your local dive shop. This month, we pick up where we left off: SHOW A LITTLE LOYALTY: We know you’re going to shop at other stores. But see if you can make one store your “home” store. …Read More »

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