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A Shore Thing: Tips for Diving the California Shoreline

    I have had some of my most incredible diving experiences on beach dives. Many frequent beach divers will testify to the same. All three of my gray whale encounters have been while beach diving, same as my dolphin encounters. Other diving fun that I have had only while beach diving includes staring a mola mola in the eye and watching a massive school of squid in a mating frenzy. While perhaps not unique to beach diving I have also caught lobster, dived with […]

Better Together: The Benefits of Being a Dive Club Member

  A person with a wide circle of friends – one who’s always on the go, attending parties and events — is called a social butterfly. So, maybe a person who is always busy with dive club activities is a social butterflyfish? We’re not really sure. But one thing is for certain: Being a dive club member offers many advantages — including widening your circle of friends. If you’re already a member of one or more dive clubs, you know this is true. There are […]

Top Ten Tips to See More Fish

California reefs are full of fascinating critters adorned in living color. Our fish are among the most colorful and interesting and as conspicuous as they may be, many divers see only a fraction of the fish in residence. Here are a few tips to see more fish 10) Stay off the bottom. Divers who swim on or right off the bottom kick up a little silt and break many of the reef creatures they came to see. This ruckus also scares every reef creature with […]

An Old Divemaster’s Guide to Preventing Seasickness

There’s an old sailor’s proverb that states, “The only cure for seasickness is to sit on the shady side of an old brick church in the country.” While this whimsical advice is entertaining, it does not get at the heart of how serious seasickness may be, and how to prevent it. As to the seriousness, I offer the following true story.  During World War II a friend of mine was ordered to ship from San Francisco to Australia. From the very outset of the journey […]

How To Be A Comfortable Diver

Learning to dive is a lot like learning to drive a car. A certification card, like a driver’s license, is a license to learn, rather than an end unto itself. Both of these activities require participants to multitask–maintaining buoyancy, watching depth, time, decompression limits, currents, etc.– and each is difficult to enjoy if you consciously keep track of everything. Like drivers, divers need to gain experience to become comfortable enough to allow their subconscious mind to maintain a background awareness of many of these tasks, […]

Solutions for Common Topside Problems

I am very blessed to have Dale as my dive buddy. He is great in the water and makes my diving so easy and seamless. He checks and double-checks all the dive gear packed and our in-water time is perfect.   However, topside is always my department. He does not check or double check what I bring. But while on board the boat he will ask me if I brought this or that and I usually forget something. I was always forgetting many of the […]

Benefits and Fun of the Social Aspect of Diving

This is going to sound like blasphemy but there is more to diving than just diving. Of course our primary goal is to spend as much time underwater as possible, but we can get so much more out of our favorite leisure activity. While solo diving has become more widely accepted in the diving world, the social aspect of diving is strong. Almost all of us, after all, dive with a buddy. Some of my closest friendships ever have been sealed in shared diving experiences.  […]

Safe Abalone Diving

Each spring Northern California divers look forward to the beginning of abalone season with the exuberance of children waiting for Santa Claus. With good reason since abalone are one of the tastiest shellfish that you will ever harvest in California and they are still very abundant. Although diving, in general, and abalone diving, specifically, are very safe activities, a small number of abalone divers seem to get hurt each year. The three biggest safety issues in abalone diving are big seas, kelp, and alcohol. Most […]

Gear You May or May Not Need

Most active California divers also travel to exotic destinations one a twice or year to dip their fins into warm tropical waters.  Gearing up for tropical coral reef adventures can however be different than California diving, and we are talking about more than just a thick wetsuit or dry suit. Standard equipment for California divers is not always so standard in the tropics. Sometimes, it is simply not needed. Often it is even frowned upon. Below is look at some items of gear that you […]

How to Choose A Dive Trip

So you’ve found yourself with a day or two off and a few bucks and you want to go diving. How do you choose your next local dive trip for maximum fun, ease and experience? Below are some items for consideration. AVAILABLE DATESOf course this will be your first factor to consider. The good thing is there are options not only on the weekends but for midweek as well. For mid-week options look at Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. DURATIONMultiday dive trips to the Channel Islands […]

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