Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Isl., Mexico’s Baja, Part 1

Divers have a tendency to dream big. Our dreams include diving in faraway, exotic locations, swimming with and photographing all sorts of magnificent creatures — especially some of the ocean’s largest critters. Dolphins, manta rays and whales are likely on a diver’s big animal “bucket list.” However, it is not surprising that the animal occupying the top spot on many divers’ lists is an apex predator. A shark. “The” shark. And by “the” shark, I mean the great white shark.  There are a handful of […]

Adventures in La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico

As recently as just four decades ago the southern portion of the Mexican Baja California Peninsula (Baja California Sur) was largely unreachable except by long and infrequent ferry rides from the mainland or a rough and dangerous dirt road trip from the north that took several days. There was no airline service. Population in this territory was so small that Mexico did not deem it worthy of statehood until 1974. Since then a reasonably modern highway has been built and airline services offered along with […]

Yap: More Than Just Mantas

Would you like to see some of the world’s largest creatures inches above your head, and then later in the day see some of the world’s smallest creatures go through an elaborate mating ritual? If you said, “Yes,” then you need to get yourself to Yap. Yap lies in the western Pacific, a little over an hour (by plane) south of Guam. It’s truly an “undiscovered” gem. I’ve been going there since 2002 and I give you the disclaimer that it’s one of my favorite […]

Liveaboard Diving Saba and Saint Kitts

Dropping down the mooring line we could easily look down to the pinnacle plateau below. The divemaster was below us, directly on the plateau. He was wearing ugly plaid shorts and could make out every hideous detail even from 90 feet above. And he was heading toward a dark shadow in the distance that looked like a giant finger pointing to the sky nearly 100 feet above. The dark shadow was about 150 feet away. I could already tell this was going to be a […]

Fiji: South Pacific Underwater Wonderland — Liveaboard or Resort?

In many exotic world-class dive destinations around the globe you have two ways of approaching the diving — a land based resort operation making day trips to the various dive sites or a liveaboard vessel that cruises the exotic locale presenting the most time available on and in the water. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and perhaps in no place is that choice more pronounced than in Fiji. Fiji is a South Pacific Island paradise, above and below the waters. Two main islands, Viti […]


Divers always want to know where the “best” spot is. Truth is there is no best spot as diver’s interests are as varied as the sites they dive. If you are looking for up-close and prolonged encounters with large animals, in particular manta rays, the spot you want to visit is a group of islands called the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The Revillagigedo Archipelago is comprised of four islands: San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida, and Clarion. Divers often refer to the Archipelago simply as “Socorro,” mainly to […]

Cathedrals, Lanai, Hawaii

Considering how much I like visiting churches and spending spiritual time in each, you have to know that a dive site known as Cathedrals would peak my interest. I often find diving a spiritual experience but to intersect that experience with dive sites named after churches, you could see that I eagerly anticipated what was about to transpire. I was not disappointed. Hawaii is a fun place and a great place to dive with warm clear life-filled waters filled with coral and beautiful tropical fish. […]

Atlantis, Philippines

I found him (or her) early in the dive. The dive master was off pointing at a myriad of other fascinating animals for other photographers when the small but vibrant creature caught my attention from the corner of my eye. About the size of a small kiwi fruit, it pulsed and waved with colors and stripes. Now this was eye candy — and camera fodder. It was a flamboyant cuttlefish, a cephalopod related to the squid and octopus. This was the first I’d ever seen. […]

Sea of Cortez Loreto Slowly Awakens

Loreto is different. It’s a place where you can stand in the middle of a cactus jungle, ranging in size from a few inches to 30 feet high, dwarfing you in its shadows. Surrounded by the huge Giganta mountain range, this quaint town in southern Baja was once the capitol of California and is the host to the first of 21 missions, built in 1697. This island-studded haven that lies nestled along the Sea of Cortez has only recently began to grow into one of […]

Socorro Adventures Aboard the Solmar V

Mexico’s Socorro Islands are world famous for their predictable encounters with giant manta rays but that’s not all they offer. Several species of sharks are commonly seen here, including hammerhead, Galapagos, silky, white-tip reef and silvertip, along with bottlenose dolphins. Whale sharks are almost always seen in November and December, while humpbacks arrive to give birth and mate from January to early April. (Underwater sightings, while rare, have occurred.) The Socorros, also known as the Revillagigedos, are 250 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas and […]

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