Upcoming Dive Trips

upload_00008fDiving in California is unlike anywhere in the world. Getting out to the Channel Islands or into California marine sanctuaries is as easy as boarding one of the coastal carter boats; many have served divers for decades. You can take a half-day dive trip or a multi-day adventure, your choice because the options are there.

Below is a menu of the upcoming dive trips, arranged by date,  that are served by the sponsors of California Diving News, among the best and most reliable charter operators in the state. Welcome Aboard.

Monterey Bay Sanctuary - 1/2 Day Trip

Friday, October 25th, 2019
Dive Boat Description: Beachhopper II
Destination: Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary

Contact for availability:

Charter Group: Open Charter – Beachhopper II
Visit: Open Charter – Beachhopper II website
Call: Open Charter – Beachhopper II

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