California Diving News is published to support the unique California scuba diving market, and to be a resource and inspiration for anyone who wants to dive the state’s waters. In every issue of California Diving News you can read and learn more about:

  • Marine life of California
  • Awesome places to dive in California
  • Interesting and informative feature stories
  • News and events
  • SCUBA Chef’s local seafood recipe
  • California dive boat charter schedules
  • California dive club listings
  • California dive store listings

Diving in California

California is an underwater treasure with an abundance of diving. Each issue of CDN introduces you to unique dive spots and species of marine life you’ll find in California waters.

California Diving News | The Authority in California Diving

Dive Trips & Clubs

Keeping divers connected to the California community is an important part of CDN. We publish the schedules of the state’s leading dive charter boats, as well as a complete listing of scuba clubs.

California Diving News | The Authority in California Diving

Sustainable Eats

Scuba Chef Trevor Cook brings new and exciting ways for you to prepare and cook the bounty of California waters in his monthly recipe column. It’s mouth watering good!