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  • How to Avoid Seasickness

    Few things can put a damper on a great boat dive trip like seasickness. While seasickness cannot always be completely eliminated, its effects can be dramatically reduced. The causes of seasickness are simple. Primary cause is the confusion caused in the brain when its sense of balance tells it one thing and the eyes show another. This leads to dizziness, …Read More »

  • IST M100 Panorama Mask

    The Panorama mask by IST Diving Systems is the most radical design change for dive masks to come along in years. Virtually all dive masks for the last two decades have been constructed with plastic frames. The Panorama mask frame is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-quality aluminum. The aluminum gives the mask several great advantages. The most obvious …Read More »

  • Having Fun With Garibaldi

    No other fish along our coast has more a predictable behavior that the bright orange garibaldi. And perhaps more important is that no fish has a behavior that can be manipulated as easily as the garibaldi. You can make them come, fetch, stay, heel and more. Just a few simple tricks will have you getting garibaldis to pose and flip …Read More »

  • Lobster Diving 101

    Pacific spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) is the finest dinning experience a seafood lover can have. And venturing forth into the underwater realm to hand-catch your own lobster dinner can be one of the most fun experiences a diving enthusiast can have. It’s time to gear up lobster lovers! Lobster season is upon us. While diving for lobster is relatively simple, …Read More »

  • Is Tide Turning For Sea Turtle Protections?

    Endangered sea turtles. These graceful creatures have long fascinated people and for years the United States has played a lead role globally in their protection. But the tide could be turning. The government is now seemingly more interested in rolling back conservation measures than protecting the last of the sea turtles, particularly along the California coast. At a time when …Read More »

  • Oil Platform Anatomy

    Diving on oil platforms has become a popular activity. And rightfully so. These fantastic vertical hard structures far offshore, islands in vast open ocean stretches, attract huge amounts of marine life. Water clarity is generally great, and although the platforms are almost universally in very deep water, even intermediate divers can usually handle the a dive here because the are …Read More »

  • Fun With Sea Lions

    One of the most exciting encounters a California diver can have underwater is with a sea lion. They are nearly always playful and curious. Remarkably graceful and quick, their underwater antics resemble a contorted but graceful ballet by energetic agile children. ROOKERIES AND HAUL OUTS For your sea lion encounter you need to first be in the right place. Rookeries …Read More »

  • A Kelp Primer: What You Should Know About Macrocystis pyrifera

    We are lucky, you and I, that giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera), the largest kelp in the world, grows off our coast. Swimming through a kelp forest on a sunny day when the water is clear is an awesome experience, as magical as cruising through a redwood forest on land. Giant kelp is a type of brown algae that can grow …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Sea Stars

    Sea stars (often referred to incorrectly as starfish) are an excellent photo subject. They are colorful, full of texture and easily found. Most importantly, they sit still. With sea stars, the beginner can have a field day creating images that are dazzling and impressive, while the seasoned pro can spend time refining techniques of lighting and composition. Just a few …Read More »

  • Abalone Again Threatened

    Ten Years Ago the California diving community was in the forefront of marine management issues when a group of dive community leaders and representatives negotiated with the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), the Fish and Game (F&G) Commission, and the California Legislature. The result of those efforts resulted in the emergency closure of the commercial and recreational harvest of …Read More »

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