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  • White Shark Reaches Mexico in Record Time

    A young white shark, returned to the wild by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, has traveled past the southern tip of Baja California and is heading toward waters off the Mexican mainland, according to data from an electronic tracking tag the shark is carrying. The tag is delivering near real-time information on his position – information the public can track online, …Read More »

  • Vision Dive Boat Refitted with New Cleaner Engines

    Vision Dive Boat Refitted with New Cleaner Engines

    Truth Aquatics in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District is proud to announce an engine re-power program that was completed on the M/V Vision, March 2008. The new engines are Detroit Diesel Series 60 with 535 horsepower each. The engines show 10 percent more fuel economy and are a cleaner running engine for the environment. “The passengers …Read More »

  • Scuba Schools of America Opens in Orange County

    Scuba Schools of America has been serving the Southern California scuba diving community for more than 47 years and now SSA is coming to Orange County. Scuba Schools of America Orange County will celebrate its grand opening the weekend of May 17th and 18th in the store located at 2429 W. Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA  92663. Owned and operated …Read More »

  • California Wreck Divers Make Donation to Help Travis Foundation

    Jocko Robinson, Dive N’ Surf repair chief, accepted checks totaling $1500 at the annual California Wreck Divers banquet held March 1. Travis Robinson, Jocko’s son, suffered a broken neck in 2003 that left him paralyzed. With the help of a cell implantation operation and continuing physical therapy, Travis is in college and continues to gain strength and function. Funds for …Read More »

  • Unique Dive With A Researcher Program Announced

    The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) has announced a limited number of openings in its unique “Dive With a Researcher Program” program. This innovative opportunity provides certified scuba divers with a chance to dive and gather data alongside a working scientist. According to Dr. Carrie Manfrino, President and Director of Research at CCMI, “There is a certain fascination and mystery …Read More »

  • CCD Website Thefts

    The Catalina Conservancy Divers learned recently that a breach of credit card information occurred on their website from 2004 to 2005. Unfortunately, someone at the website designer’s firm accessed credit card information from the site ( and used the information illegally. The individual has been arrested. In 2006, CCD stopped accepting transactions on their website and began to refer participants …Read More »

  • Underwater Hunters Need Respect; Education Needed

    Pick up any dive magazine and chances are you will not find information promoting the take of game fish by divers. Whether it is for “political correctness” to omit such activity in order to sell more magazines, or maintain a certain criteria for advertisers, underwater hunting has been perceived as an undesired, unspoken activity only for the heartless, and uncivilized, …Read More »

  • Agrees With Hunting Guest Editorial

    I enjoyed your article on underwater hunting. The point well made is that everyone is entitled to explore and enjoy the ocean deep. It should also be noted that the fees from our fishing licenses are the greatest financial resource in helping to grow and maintain fish populations in the U.S. As you eloquently stated, we have a stewardship in …Read More »

  • Disagrees With Hunting Editorial

    The only good speargun is broken speargun. If we as divers are to lead the way in ocean conservation and preservation, we need to quit killing fish, plain and simple. Fish are disappearing from our seas faster than ever. With this macho hunter mentality all dive sites will be stripped of fish in just a few more years, except perhaps …Read More »

  • Spanish Shawl, Living Jewel of the Rocky Reef

    One of the most exciting underwater encounters for a Pacific coast scuba diver is to see the brilliantly colored and bizarrely shaped Spanish shawl sea slug. The Spanish shawl is an aeolid nudibranch. These nudibranchs were named after Aeolis, the Greek god of the wind. With its purple, elongated body topped with rows of spiky, orange cerata and two bright …Read More »

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