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  • What Makes The Viz

    Water clarity (visibility) seems to be very important to divers, even inappropriately so at times. Divers speak with glee when the “viz” is in triple digits. I heard it once said that the reason the water is so clear is there is nothing in it—there is no life in it. While a lot of things make for clear water, or …Read More »

  • Better Night Diving

    Night diving is an exciting perspective on the underwater world. It opens opportunities for seeing different kinds of marine life and a variety of unusual behaviors from underwater animals. But night diving can have special challenges that can be distracting from the overall experience. While you want to be a safe diver, you don’t want to be so preoccupied by …Read More »

  • Salt Sac – A Seashore Succulent

    The Salt Sac is a remarkable example of an intertidal succulent. “Succulent?” you might wonder. “Aren’t succulents desert plants, like cactus, that live in the hot, dry desert?” Well, yes. But actually a succulent can be any plant that has thick flesh to enable it to resist desiccation. And in that sense, the Salt Sac (Halosaccion glandiforme) is an outstanding …Read More »

  • The Four Stupidest Things I Have Heard Said on a Dive Boat

    #1 “Is this good to eat?” A diver comes aboard with some animal from the bottom they think might make good seafood. But they have no idea what it is, what the fish and game regulations are, how to prepare it, or even if it is edible. The only thing worse than this (and only slightly) is intentional illegal destruction …Read More »

  • Kelp Diving

    Diving in a kelp forest is what makes California diving so wonderful. Kelp diving, however, requires knowledge of a few diving techniques to make it more enjoyable and safe. First, let me start by saying that diving in kelp is not dangerous, but it does present its hazards —hazards that can be easily overcome. Entanglement is the fear of most …Read More »

  • Better Beach Diving, Part 1

    Beach diving is a great way to fill out your diving itinerary. Scheduling is flexible, diving almost anytime you want (conditions permitting), as long as you want (air supply and bottom time allowing), and as often as you want. And it’s cheap. Beach diving is not much more difficult that boat diving, if you just make some proper preparations, actions …Read More »

  • Hold That Camera Steady!

    Take a basic photo class at your local community college and one of the first things they will teach you is to simply “hold the camera steady.” The still camera, film or digital, does not capture just a “moment” in time but actually a period of time, however small. Depending on your situation it could be 1/30th of a second, …Read More »

  • Fish Eating Anemones

    Fish Eating Anemones

    One of the most conspicuous inhabitants of California’s middle and deep reefs is the fish-eating anemone. This striking anemone has a bright red column with long white (although sometimes red) tentacles, and a yellow to off-white, to golden oral disk with red striations. These colorful invertebrates are very photogenic and can be easily identified. They are found from Alaska to …Read More »

  • Reef Check Trains Divers

    Reef Check Trains Divers

    Over the years, numerous efforts to monitor California’s marine resources have been made by government, academic, private, and nonprofit institutions. Since most groups use different methods, focus on different target species, and have different data reporting formats, it was virtually impossible to perform statewide analyses. As a result, the snapshot of California’s rocky reef ecosystems was out of focus. Enter …Read More »

  • Wenger Deep Diver Watch

    Wenger Deep Diver Watch

    Whether you find adventure on the seas, in the mountains, or through undiscovered terrain, Wenger’s latest addition to its Swiss made watches, the Deep Diver, will withstand the rigors. The Deep Diver Series reaches extreme depths in water and high altitudes at affordable price points. The Deep Diver Series has all the features you would expect to find on the …Read More »

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