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  • Kelp Diving

    Diving in a kelp forest is what makes California diving so wonderful. Kelp diving, however, requires knowledge of a few diving techniques to make it more enjoyable and safe. First, let me start by saying that diving in kelp is not dangerous, but it does present its hazards —hazards that can be easily overcome. Entanglement is the fear of most …Read More »

  • Better Beach Diving, Part 1

    Beach diving is a great way to fill out your diving itinerary. Scheduling is flexible, diving almost anytime you want (conditions permitting), as long as you want (air supply and bottom time allowing), and as often as you want. And it’s cheap. Beach diving is not much more difficult that boat diving, if you just make some proper preparations, actions …Read More »

  • Hold That Camera Steady!

    Take a basic photo class at your local community college and one of the first things they will teach you is to simply “hold the camera steady.” The still camera, film or digital, does not capture just a “moment” in time but actually a period of time, however small. Depending on your situation it could be 1/30th of a second, …Read More »

  • Fish Eating Anemones

    Fish Eating Anemones

    One of the most conspicuous inhabitants of California’s middle and deep reefs is the fish-eating anemone. This striking anemone has a bright red column with long white (although sometimes red) tentacles, and a yellow to off-white, to golden oral disk with red striations. These colorful invertebrates are very photogenic and can be easily identified. They are found from Alaska to …Read More »

  • Reef Check Trains Divers

    Reef Check Trains Divers

    Over the years, numerous efforts to monitor California’s marine resources have been made by government, academic, private, and nonprofit institutions. Since most groups use different methods, focus on different target species, and have different data reporting formats, it was virtually impossible to perform statewide analyses. As a result, the snapshot of California’s rocky reef ecosystems was out of focus. Enter …Read More »

  • Wenger Deep Diver Watch

    Wenger Deep Diver Watch

    Whether you find adventure on the seas, in the mountains, or through undiscovered terrain, Wenger’s latest addition to its Swiss made watches, the Deep Diver, will withstand the rigors. The Deep Diver Series reaches extreme depths in water and high altitudes at affordable price points. The Deep Diver Series has all the features you would expect to find on the …Read More »

  • Instructor Credit Program Launched has just announced the kick-off of their new Instructor Credit Program for free advertising and credit towards gear. Active independent scuba instructors with all certification agencies can now earn credit for the equipment purchased by them or their students. If their students purchase their equipment through their instructor’s account at, the instructor is given store credit and it …Read More »

  • Huge Artificial Reef to be Built off San Clemente

    Southern California Edison (SCE) has gained unanimous approval from state regulators to create a 150-acre man-made giant kelp forest off San Clemente, Calif. SCE plans to begin work this June expanding a 23-acre test reef into the largest U.S. environmental project of its kind. The resulting two-mile kelp forest is expected to produce as much as 50 tons of fish …Read More »

  • Mares Puck Computer Line

    Mares has introduced the new 2008 Puck computer line. The new line is entry level, versatile full featured collection of dive computers including Puck wrist, Mission Puck 2 and Mission Puck 3 consoles. The new Puck wrist dive computer features a high-resolution high contrast display, and larger digits, for easy reading, and backlight illumination on demand. Single- button operation makes …Read More »

  • California Diving Community Loses Pioneer

    A pioneer in California diving passed away late in February, Dr. Bob Given. A certified diver for nearly 50 years, Dr. Given used scuba in almost every position he held since 1957. Since 1966 he held various positions at the Marine Science Center on Catalina Island, including resident biologist and director. Bob designed and taught various courses in underwater research …Read More »

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