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  • Water Bears

    Imagine creatures which can survive years of freezing, days of ultra-high temperatures, living in a vacuum or extremely high pressure, and even exposure to radiation thousands of times the amount that which would instantly kill a human. Why, these would seem to be abilities only conceivable in some science fiction extraterrestrial. But all around the world, from the bottom of …Read More »

  • How to Optimize Your Photos in Poor Visibility

    How to Optimize Your Photos in Poor Visibility

    We would all like to dive in water with 200 feet of visibility, bright sunlight and a plethora of photogenic critters. Well, sometimes we do, but many times we do not have visibility quite that good. While it is unlikely you will ever get as good a photograph with 10 feet of visibility as you would with 200, it is …Read More »

  • Zeagle N2ition Dive Computer

    The Zeagle N2ition dive computer is a multi-functional instrument designed to help divers have a safe, fun diving experience. Simple, intuitive operation allows for monitoring up to two different Nitrox mixtures ranging from 21 percent to 99 percent, and underwater gas switching is as easy as pushing a button. Large, easy to read numbers display primary dive and surface information …Read More »

  • SeaLife Digital PRO Flash

    SeaLife Digital PRO Flash

    SeaLife has introduced the Digital PRO Flash, compatible with any SeaLife camera, as well as all other brands of digital underwater cameras. It also features a new auto mode setting, which automatically adjusts the flash brightness for the optimal image exposure. A variable power adjustment setting allows the user to manually fine-tune the brightness for the desired effect. “The best …Read More »

  • Nintendo Releases Scuba Diving Game for the Wii

    Nintendo Releases Scuba Diving Game for the Wii

    Endless Ocean is unlike any other Wii game. In fact, it’s more of an experience than a game. Players explore at their own pace as they dive in exotic locales and witness the majesty of the sea from the comfort of their own living rooms. From beautiful tide pools to the wrecks of World War II bombers, there is always …Read More »

  • Marine Protected Areas Proved Beneficial

    Conclusions from a five-year study by scientists show that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary to be effective in helping marine habitats to recover from overfishing. “The findings of these first five years of monitoring shows consistent differences in abundance and size of species found within the MPAs versus the …Read More »

  • Laguna Sea Sports Joins Beach Cities Scuba Family

    Only a few steps away from the dive sites in Laguna Beach, Laguna Sea Sports has been an icon in the diving community and has served divers’ needs for over 55 years. The store has certified thousands of divers in its on-site swimming pool and will be a key store for Beach Cities Scuba. The store is now the fifth …Read More »

  • Lobster Punch Card Not Required Until September

    CDN:Before you all rush out to get your spiny lobster “punch card,” please note, according to the California Department of Fish & Game website, the requirement for a spiny lobster report card for all persons does not become effective until next season—September 27, 2008 to be exact. For more information, see Thorntonvia email Mike,Thank you for pointing out that …Read More »

  • Divers Assist in Removing Killer Gillnet

    Divers Assist in Removing Killer Gillnet

    As an avid wreck diver, I am always interested in finding new wrecks. My buddy Ross Overstreet is the same way. In December he was scouting the Huntington Flats area and found a promising site. When he dropped down, he soon realized it was not going to be an exploratory dive. The visibility was limited and there was plenty of …Read More »

  • Gauges Divers Need

    Divers are prone to exaggeration and underestimation. Divers like to tell sea stories. Gauges are needed to combat this all too common flaw that gives divers not only a lack of credibility, it can sometimes make them a danger to themselves. SIZE GAUGE We are all told in our basic scuba certification class that underwater things look bigger. Divers have …Read More »

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