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  • The Joys of Point and Shoot Digital Underwater

    The Joys of Point and Shoot Digital Underwater

    I’d have no photos at all if my expensive digital SLR malfunctioned during a trip to Alaska last year so I bought a tiny point and shoot digital camera. It was only to be used as a backup for surface shots until I discovered it had an underwater setting and an optional underwater housing. I was intrigued. The camera was …Read More »

  • Little Known Lobster Facts

    It is that time of year again when the underwater hunters come out of the woodwork beating their chest and weaving great stories and yarns about fantastic exploits of lobster hunting. While you may not be the greatest lobster hunter, you can certainly impress your buddies with some obscure facts about the wily crustaceans. Want to impress your friends with …Read More »

  • Better Boat Diving

    Every week dozens of these vessels from Monterey to San Diego head out taking divers to explore beautiful California waters. If you have not already done so, it is time to book a trip on one of these fun boats. Below are a few tips to making your California dive-charter boat experience one of maximum enjoyment. SIGN UP CORRECTLY The …Read More »

  • JMJ Custom Westsuit Review

    I will be the first to admit it; I am a cold-water wimp. It’s not entirely my fault. I don’t have a body that retains heat and off-the-rack wetsuits tend to not fit me. In fact, on my certification checkout dive, I was wearing a rental wetsuit and the instructor stopped the dive because I could not stop shivering. A …Read More »

  • Practical Underwater Navigation From A Boat

    Practical Underwater Navigation From A Boat

    Underwater navigation is one of the most underappreciated of all diving skills. During open water classes, students are taught basic compass skills. Later, these skills are enhanced in advanced and specialty classes where students are taught to estimate distances and navigate a geometric pattern. While proficiency with a compass can be quite handy while navigating under a thick bed of …Read More »

  • Two Common Seashells with Triple Names

    Two Common Seashells with Triple Names

    How many seashells do you know? A thousand? A couple hundred? Maybe only a few dozen? Worldwide, it is estimated that there are tens of thousands of species of seashells, and likely there is no one on earth who could really claim know them all. But of the hundreds, dozens, or whatever number of the seashells that you figure you …Read More »

  • Seasoft Flashlight Pocket

    Seasoft Flashlight Pocket

    As a diver, I hate when my gear is dangling in the current. Not only can it be unsafe, it doesn’t make for a good picture either. I also hate having a ton of stuff strapped around my wrists. My camera is practically unavoidable, but my dive light can be quite annoying. Well, thank goodness, that the people at Seasoft …Read More »

  • Epoque ES-150 DS and ES-230 DS Auto Strobes

    The Epoque ES-150 DSα and the ES-230 DS Auto underwater strobes can restore the vivid colors that are lost underwater as the sun’s light is filtered. Compact in their design, but powerful in their lighting ability, this pair of underwater strobes can be used with all digital underwater photographic systems. To capture all the magnificent colors that exist underwater, you …Read More »

  • L.A. County Underwater Instructor Certification Course Announces Program Details for 2009

    Looking for a challenge? Then clear your winter schedule for the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department’s 2009 Underwater Instructor Certification Course (UICC). Started in 1954, UICC is the oldest and most respected instructor-training course in scuba today. The current UICC program, the most thorough available in diving, is a 14-week course designed to challenge and prepare candidates to …Read More »

  • New Ownership of Catalina Divers Supply

    Catalina Divers Supply (CDS) has begun operations under new ownership. Roger Urbach and Mike O’Neill became just the 3rd. owners of this 50-year-old business. CDS has been operating on the historic Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon Harbor since 1958. Both Roger Urbach and Mike O’Neill have been passionate divers for the past 30 years. “Having the opportunity to be a …Read More »

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