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  • Searching for the Scythe

    One of the things that I love doing is looking for unusual creatures in our local waters. And perhaps none is more elusive than the scythe butterfly. When anyone first starts diving, the sights can be visually overwhelming. There are simply SO many fish it’s difficult, at first, to see who’s who. But as you dive more (and take a …Read More »

  • Photo Secrets Revealed: Lenses

    There are some fundamental decisions you need to make in order to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a good photo, and a lot of those choices are about equipment. Although I normally shoot with a top-of-the-line SLR, a variety of lenses, and dual flashes, one of my favorite photos (of a squid forming an egg sac and …Read More »

  • Underwater Photo-Speak

    Step into any specialty area, diving or non, business or pleasure, and you will come across buzz-words, acronyms, abbreviations, and other odd terminology. Underwater photography is no different. If you are going to get into underwater photography, it is helpful to know some of these terms and buzz words before you venture forth shopping or in conversation with aficionados that …Read More »

  • Stellar Examples of Overexploitation

    It was meant to be a voyage of discovery, and in that regard, it achieved its goal. But it also proved to be a voyage that brought with it troubles, death, and disasters. The effects of some of these are still being felt until today.      In the late 1740s, the Danish navigator Vitus Jonasen Bering, sailing for Russia, …Read More »

  • Avalon Cleanup Plagued by Bad Viz But Divers Enthusiastic

    Avalon Cleanup Plagued by Bad Viz But Divers Enthusiastic

    Despite weather forecasts to the contrary, Saturday, February 23, dawned bright and beautiful as hundreds of divers descended upon Avalon for the 27th Annual Underwater Harbor Cleanup, sponsored by the Catalina Conservancy Divers and the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. While the skies were bright, the visibility in the water was not, and many divers had to cut their dives short because …Read More »

  • It’s Now Possible to Accurately Predict Water Temperature At Depth On Your Next Catalina Dive

    In preparation for a dive, there are a number of things I’d like to know: surf, visibility, and temperature at depth. I can find surf information on-line, while visibility and temperature are presently not available. However, recent data released by the Catalina Conservancy Divers (CCD) indicate that there may be some hope to determine the temperature. The CCD has an …Read More »

  • Tips for Better California Underwater Photography

    Underwater photography in California waters can be a bit more challenging, to be sure, but definitely worth the rewards. Adjustments in techniques must be taken to compensate for darker, less clear waters, marine life with muted colors, and even for the cold. Below are a few tips that will make your excursion into California seas with a camera more productive …Read More »

  • My Life as a 13-Year Old Diver

    My life as a 13-year old diver has been tough. I have been in freezing cold water at 55 degrees; I have also been to the Cayman Islands where it was 80 degrees in the water. No matter what the temperature, it still has been hard. My dad makes me carry all my dive gear! But the one thing my …Read More »

  • Interacting with Sharks, Part 1

    For most divers, no other marine animal elicits more excitement than an encounter with a shark. Furthermore, this excitement is such that many divers spend a great deal of time, effort and money to intentionally seek out such encounters. Sharks are beautiful creatures and well worth the meeting. A few tips will help you maximize your interaction, be it a …Read More »

  • Kelp Diving 101

    Once upon a time, before I took up underwater photography, I was a hunter. Off San Clemente Island one day I happened upon a lobster condo bristling with a million (well, maybe not quite that many) antennae. Kicking like crazy, I rushed the reef, coming to a halt with twitching antenna only inches from my fingertips. Immobilized, I watched all …Read More »

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