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  • Lessons Taught By and Early Winter Storm

    Winter diving in California can be great with fantastic water clarity but there are those days when you get “whopped up side da head.” Such was the day on December 9 when storm of unexpected ferrousity struck. To varying degrees, dive boats were caught offshore and some, myself included, had quite a bad experience of it. The day began with …Read More »

  • Making Your Underwater Photos Look Their Best in the Digital Darkroom

    Anyone who has attempted “serious” underwater photography eventually finds themselves on a road that leads from the film in the camera, to the film on the light table, to the film in the trash can because of some flaw that appears more obvious than the teeth of a great white shark. It seems that the more pictures we take the …Read More »

  • Go From Catalina to Palau in 30 Minutes as a Volunteer Diver with the Aquarium of the Pacific

    I entered slowly so as not to cause too much commotion. I winced as a trickle of 63-degree water slid down my back. The bottom lay 27 feet below. Pacific barracuda navigated the strands of kelp. A school of mackerel zoomed about while five white sea bass glided by. As I landed on the rocky bottom, several California halibut came …Read More »

  • Getting a Grip on Gloves

    In the tropics it is now advocated that you not wear dive gloves when you dive. It is said that gloves give you the sense of “permission” to touch the delicate coral reefs. While this may be well and good, it does not, and cannot, apply to California diving. We dive in a much more harsh environment than your run …Read More »

  • Mako Madness

    Doc Anes broke to the surface, the afternoon sun glinting off his stainless steel shark suit, and yelled to the divers snoozing on the boat, “Get in, I’ve got two Mako’s!” Six divers and $20,000 worth of camera gear poured into the water. Soon we were all hanging to the outside of the submerged shark cage and snapping pictures as …Read More »

  • Resolutions for the Diving Season: Why this Year Will Be Different

    Many “resolutions” were made (and broken) a long time ago at the turn of the new year. While I am not willing to follow the turn of the calendar year, I do believe in the value of having annual goals or “resolutions” if you will. With spring and warmer weather soon on the way, diving becomes a greater interest. This …Read More »

  • Knowing It’s Always There; Always Wanting to Be There

    Looking over photos for this publication, I am often sucked right into the pictures. Those animals are out there, waiting for me to play with them. The deep blue, ready for me to be immersed in. The ocean wants me to commune. Countless reefs to explore. A thousand underwater experiences to be had. And it is often what I most …Read More »

  • California White Shark Diving

    For many divers the opportunity to safely view an apex predator at close range is the ultimate experience. Sport divers have been traveling to South Australia and South Africa for over two decades to see and film the great white shark. Although it has been known for some time that there are many white sharks in California waters, until recently …Read More »

  • The Anchor Line: A Blessing and Curse for Divers

    Don’t you just love it when the dive boat captain puts the anchor right on the targeted reef and all you have to do is follow it down and you are right on the spot? Commercial divers call this a “down line.” It is especially useful when you need to find a very specific spot on the bottom and the …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Elephant Seals

    There are several “rules” in big animal photography. You must be where the animals are, and when they are there, you must find cooperative animals in clear water. And, most important of all, you got to have a lot of luck. Elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) are a good example of this. These pinnipeds belong to the family phocidae, the true …Read More »

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