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  • How to Photograph the California Spiny Lobster

    As the clock struck twelve, thousands of hard-core lobster-hunting divers invaded many popular California dive sites on the night lobster season opened, either by crashing through the surf or by jumping off boats in search of that oh-so-delicious crustacean, the California spiny lobster. For some, this invasion proved rewarding, but for many others, myself included, we returned home holding an …Read More »

  • Rescuing The Rescuer: Rescue Diving and Civil Liability

    This article is intended only as a general discussion of legal concepts without reference to any particular factual situation. It is not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as, legal advice. Laws vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. People desiring specific legal advice should contact an attorney licensed in the proper jurisdiction. You have just completed a class …Read More »

  • Dive Gear We Wish They’d Invent

    God bless the dive gear makers. They are always coming up with something new, different, and “revolutionary!” Most of this stuff is quite good – too bad we can’ afford it all. Some of it is, well, crap. But we divers are gadget freaks. We want the new toy and we want to be the first on the block-uh- boat …Read More »

  • Copious Copepods

    One of Odysseus’ less than pleasant encounters during his wanderings was with a Cyclops. There were supposedly three giant sons of the sea god Poseidon, with only single eyes in the middle of their foreheads. They also were said to have the bad habit of eating people and the Cyclops who held the wandering Greeks captive was said to have …Read More »

  • Considerations for Consoles

    If you think a dive console is simply a collection of gauges, you’re sorely mistaken. The console of the 21st century has become a dive information center, a way to plan dives and track their progress. It not only organizes several pieces of gear, but it should assist in organizing your dive THINKING. A good console will tell you your …Read More »

  • How to Beat the Enemies of Dive Gear

    Everything eventually wears out and must be discarded, but when it comes to expensive dive gear, we want to put off the death of our dive gear as long as possible. To do this, you need to identify the enemies that wear away at gear and learn ways to fight these enemies. Most divers are familiar with factors such as …Read More »

  • Camera Maintenance

    A good preventative maintenance routine will not only save you money, but also give you that peace of mind that your camera system will perform. Begin by assembling your system in a clean, dry, lint free area. Gather all your system components and visually check that you have everything. Checklists are handy in this case. The area you will use …Read More »

  • Stalking Squid

    It was 8 p.m. The ocean looked inky black. A light haze enveloped a moonless sky, blotting out the stars. We stood on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean with one thing certain: We knew they were out there. But where, exactly, and could we find them? Our elusive quarry. . . opalescent squid (Loligo opalescens). Each year from mid-December …Read More »

  • Fishes Who Are Much More than a Bunch of Hot Air

    Pufferfishes and porcupinefishes are members of two closely related families—the Tetraodontidae and the Diodontidae—that are known throughout the world. But not always for the same reason. One of those reasons is because in some cultures they are highly prized for food. The only trouble is that the members of these two families contain one of the most deadly toxins around. …Read More »

  • Lessons Taught By and Early Winter Storm

    Winter diving in California can be great with fantastic water clarity but there are those days when you get “whopped up side da head.” Such was the day on December 9 when storm of unexpected ferrousity struck. To varying degrees, dive boats were caught offshore and some, myself included, had quite a bad experience of it. The day began with …Read More »

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