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  • How to Make Time for Diving

    What is the single biggest thing that keeps you from diving more often? Money? Lack of skills? No dive buddy? While these may very well be the factors, odds are the largest deterrent to diving more often is a simple lack of time. Of course, there are things we could do to better organize and streamline our lives to do …Read More »

  • Arrow Gobies – Little Fishes That Dart All Around

    One of the harshest environments anywhere is the intertidal zone. Practically nowhere else on earth is so regularly exposed to such a variety of extreme conditions within such a short period of time. Just think of how it must be for tiny animals to be comfortably basking in cool, clean sea water, then just a few hours later, be stuck …Read More »

  • Diving is Sexy, but Not Sexual

    Diving is a sexy sport. Diving is exciting and for the most part its participants (male and female) are more attractive because they are the outdoor types, vibrant, and in love with life. Young or old divers have a natural glow about them. But diving is not sexual. Scantily clad (or in some cases, almost naked) photo exposes of women …Read More »

  • Wreck Photos

    The allure of sunken ships for divers is unmistakable. I am not entirely sure why, but if I were to guess it is our awe and fascination for the power of the sea to break (and sink) our feeble human attempts to dominate the sea. And then the sea reclaims them in wonderful, colorful ways with marine life. Wrecks make …Read More »

  • Kelp Photography

    Kelp is what makes diving in California truly special. California divers get the unique experience of floating through a magical forest full of enchanting creatures. This is something you simply must bring home to friends and family in photos to share. And you will want them for yourself to remind you of where you have been and will want to …Read More »

  • Tiger Shark: A Shark Worthy of Its Reputation

    If there is one thing about the ocean that everybody knows, it is that there are sharks out there—lots of sharks. A person need not even have had put a big toe into the sea to know this. In many ways, this is true. Within the cartilaginous fish orders Lamniformes and Squaliformes, there are over a dozen families and altogether …Read More »

  • It ain’t diving unless it’s 5:30 in the morning!

    “Dale, when do we have to leave for the boat?” Kim asks as we climb into bed when Jay Leno signs off. She knows… why is she asking? Is it her hope beyond hope that the boat called and said they wanted to let everybody sleep in so they won’t be departing until brunch is over. “We depart at the …Read More »

  • The Frugal Diver

    We conducted a survey awhile back and found that the number two reason for people not diving as much as they like is money (number one reason was lack of time). We’d all like to make our diving dollar go farther in order to spend more time communing with the fishes. There are some easy and often not so obvious …Read More »

  • Searching for the Scythe

    One of the things that I love doing is looking for unusual creatures in our local waters. And perhaps none is more elusive than the scythe butterfly. When anyone first starts diving, the sights can be visually overwhelming. There are simply SO many fish it’s difficult, at first, to see who’s who. But as you dive more (and take a …Read More »

  • Photo Secrets Revealed: Lenses

    There are some fundamental decisions you need to make in order to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a good photo, and a lot of those choices are about equipment. Although I normally shoot with a top-of-the-line SLR, a variety of lenses, and dual flashes, one of my favorite photos (of a squid forming an egg sac and …Read More »

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