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  • Fastencil


    Fastencil is designed to make it possible for anyone to permanently brand their name, with expert results, on all of their fabric scuba gear, such as wetsuits, BCD’s, gear bags, hoods, and more. “On a dive boat or crowded beach, all dive gear looks similar, so it needs a name or ID on it to prevent loss and theft,” said …Read More »

  • San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Requests Submissions

    The 10th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition is requesting submissions. The film exhibition is scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings, September 11 and 12, 2008 at Qualcomm Hall located at 5775 Morehouse Drive in San Diego, California. Accepted works will be screened on a state-of-the-art venue on a giant screen. There is no entry fee to submit a film. …Read More »

  • Central and Northern California Marine Biology Course

    City College of San Francisco will offer a semester course in marine biology for divers and non-divers. The class focuses on the marine life in Northern California with special emphasis on identifying common of plants and animals, learning about their life histories, and understanding the interrelationships between marine life and the environment. Students will also be introduced to methods used …Read More »

  • Blue Sharks

    Blue Sharks

    California divers have the opportunity to encounter numerous species of shark in our near shore waters. While only a very few are regarded as dangerous, most are beautiful and are a joy to encounter in the water. Of all our sharks, the blue shark may be the most elegant. They move in a relaxed, confident manor as their long tail …Read More »

  • California Enjoys Good Ocean Water Quality

    California beachgoers enjoyed near-record good water quality in 2008-09, according to the 19th annual Beach Report Card. Heal the Bay analysts assigned A-to-F letter grades to 502 beaches along the California coast, based on levels of weekly bacterial pollution reported from April 2008 through March 2009. During the high-traffic 2008 summer season, 91 percent of beaches statewide received A or …Read More »

  • Coastal Photo Competition Underway

    Entries are now being accepted for the annual Amateur Coastal Photography Competition sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Up to five color photos may be submitted depicting scenery of the California coast, native coastal wildlife, or people using the coast. There is also a new humor category this year. Entry is free and excellent donated …Read More »

  • SCUBA Show 2009 attendance at 10,202

    SCUBA Show 2009 attendance at 10,202

    The 22nd annual SCUBA Show was host to 10,202 attendees May 30-31. Aisles were crowded with enthusiastic, energized divers, as well as wanna-be divers, throughout the weekend. “This will go down in our books as one of the most successful SCUBA Shows ever,” stated show producer Dale Sheckler. “Seminars were well attended and our unique continuous film festival was a …Read More »

  • How Big Should A Rock Scallop Knife Be?

    I’m reading Dale Sheckler’s article (online) “Hunting Rock Scallops” and would like to know what knife blade length in inches is ideal for this. The article says the knife should be long. How many inches does he recommend? Thanks.Alex Fuhrer Alex,This depends on how you intend on harvesting the scallop. If you are going to cut the meat out rather …Read More »

  • DiveBud Scuba Float System

    DiveBud Scuba Float System

    Ocean Blue Technology introduces a new Scuba safety system called DiveBud. The DiveBud Scuba Float system consists of an innovative dive float with a high intensity LED beacon to alert boaters of a diver’s presence in the area and an automatically retracting dive reel to prevent the tedious effort of winding up the tow line. The products can be purchased …Read More »

  • Dive-A-Thon

    Make any excuse to go diving in July to win prizes worth thousands of dollars and raise funds to support the San Diego Oceans Foundation, a non-profit organization that has been promoting ocean stewardship for 25 years. The tax-deductible registration fee is $25 and includes a FREE event T-shirt. Online registration is simple and takes only ten minutes. Similar to …Read More »

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