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  • Top Ten Tips to Keep Your Dive Gear Working Like New

    Top Ten Tips to Keep Your Dive Gear Working Like New

    Remember how your dive gear looked and felt when it was brand new? Your wetsuit was flexible and slipped on easily. Moving parts functioned smoothly without sticking. That new gear look and feel, and more importantly that new gear performance, can last longer with a bit of routine maintenance. Here are my top ten tips to keep your gear working …Read More »

  • B&B offers Monterey Visitors Unique Experiences

    Vision Quest Ranch is now offering bed and breakfast dive packages when visiting Monterey Bay to scuba divers. Guests can enjoy a safari on land and sea on the same vacation without leaving the United States. Enjoy breakfast with elephants and a private tour of the safari facility. Afterwards, guests will be transported to a local dive shop to pick …Read More »

  • California Department of Fish and Game Announce Free Fishing Days

    The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has announced new dates for Free Fishing Day in 2009. Free Fishing Days will be the Fourth of July and Labor Day, September 7 when DFG will waive the license requirement for citizens 16 or older. All other fishing regulations, such as bag and size limits, gear restrictions, fishing hours and stream closures …Read More »

  • Oceanic, DiveNav Offer Simulator for Datamask

    Oceanic, DiveNav Offer Simulator for Datamask

    Oceanic Worldwide and DiveNav, Inc. announce the upcoming launch of the eDiving® scuba diving simulator for the Oceanic Datamask. The popular Oceanic Datamask is easily one of the most progressive advances in diving technology and this simulator helps show how simple the product is to use. The latest release of eDiving will also include an interactive virtual dive site designed …Read More »

  • Chamber Day/Evening Raises $115,000 for Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber

    Despite sea conditions that looked ominous the day before (and actually prompted six boats to cancel, the new date for those boats and their 112 divers is tentatively scheduled for June 3). Chamber Day & Eve 2009 came off without a hitch on Wednesday, May 6. Although the ride over was a little bumpy, 115 divers enjoyed a day of …Read More »

  • SCUBA Show Preview

    Whether you are planning a dive trip, your next dive gear purchase or consulting with scuba experts, there is no better place to do it than at THE Diving Event of the Year!™, SCUBA Show 2009. The size of the exhibit hall at 76,000 square feet makes this the largest consumer dive expo in America. Be at the 22nd annual …Read More »

  • Aqua Pencil, Tether and Slate

    Aqua Pencil, Tether and Slate

    Xit 404 is introducing the Aqua Pencil, Tether, and Slate to the diving public. Designed by scuba divers who believe golf pencils need to stay on the greens, the Aqua Pencil will not rust, swell, nor fail to write. It has replaceable lead and stylish design. Aqua Pencil is a simple mechanism that feeds graphite as you need it by …Read More »

  • L.A. County Scuba Launches New Website

    L.A. County scuba has launched a new website, The site content is loaded with both historical and current information on Los Angeles County underwater programs. L.A. County scuba instructors can be listed on the “Find an Instructor” page to promote their courses and receive their own email address. Video clips, articles, photos and calendar of events are just …Read More »

  • Marine Artist Dunleavy Releases New Art

    River’s Edge is a new release from world famous artist David Dunleavy. Limited edition Giclee prints are now available of this fine art that is inspired by Florida manatees below the surface and Florida’s life style above. Limited editions prints are available in a Mutoh Giclee Pigmented Ink’s on canvas with a triple Larson Juhl frame. Gallery Wrapped Giclees are …Read More »

  • Dr. Egstrom Praises Mantaray Fin

    Dr. Glen Egstrom, Professor (Emeritus) in the Physiological Sciences Department at UCLA, credited with developing the first extensive recreational fin study and testing program beginning in 1965, says, “The light weight and performance versatility of the Mantaray Fin will provide discriminating divers with an innovative tool that is effective under a variety of diving conditions. Well done!” Dr. Egstrom, an …Read More »

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