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  • A Reality Check on the Buddy System

    The buddy system is something that is pounded into all basic scuba course students. “Never dive alone,” is the mantra for instructors teaching diving safety. But is the buddy system all it is really cracked up to be? While I support it, I want to say right up front it is way overrated. It is time for a reality check …Read More »

  • Guy Harvey Jewelry

    Guy Harvey Jewelry

    Guy Harvey is well known for his artwork and his conservation efforts. His art adorns everything from Fine Wine, T-Shirts, mugs, and license plates to giant wall murals, not to mention his famous framed paintings and tiles. His underwater photography/cinematography images have been published via many media forms including a 13 episode TV series entitled “Portraits from the Deep” and …Read More »

  • Fantasea BigEye Wide-Angle Lenses

    Fantasea Line is pleased to announce the release of the new BigEye Wide-Angle Lenses, featuring innovative configurations and a breakthrough technology. The BigEye Lenses are based on the latest patent-pending lens technology, which allows for excellent wide-angle images at economical prices, as yet unavailable at the market. These lenses can be installed and removed during the course of the dive …Read More »

  • Two San Diego Lobster Poachers Sentenced to Jail Time

    Two individuals recently arrested for lobster poaching in the San Diego area have been sentenced to jail time. The arrests, though unrelated, both involved repeat offenders —one of whom gained international media attention in 2007 for attempting to hide six poached lobsters in his pants. Binh Q. Chau was sentenced to 90 days in jail after a Department of Fish …Read More »

  • PADI and The Underwater Channel Announce Partnership

    PADI and The Underwater Channel, which is powered by Babelgum, have announced a new partnership that will bring scuba diving and ocean conservation video content to a global audience on Babelgum, an established destination for high quality environmental programming and major independent film releases, powers the Underwater Channel. “The Underwater Channel partnership with PADI provides us with an exceptional …Read More »

  • Poachers Threaten Monterey’s Endangered Black Abalone

    California game wardens recently made two new arrests in a series of black abalone poaching cases in Monterey County. The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) arrested Jerry Jones, 37, of Monterey, and Terry Callahan, 47, of Seaside on May 13 after being found in possession of 51 black abalone from Point Lobos State Park. Commercial fishing for black abalone …Read More »

  • Ultra Fast-Dry Towels

    Ultra Fast-Dry Towels

    Discovery Trekking Outfitters (DTO) Ltd. has introduced an Ultra Fast-Dry sports and travel towels. The towels draw moisture around the fibers, dispersing it across the fabric to quickly evaporate. The Discovery Trekking towels dry three-four times faster than others. The new towels contain silver, an effective antimicrobial that kills germs. This discourages bacterial growth and eliminates musty smells associated with …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Sheephead

    How to Photograph Sheephead

    One of the more colorful reef fish of Southern California is the Sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher). Fairly common, they are a good photo subject for beginning and experienced underwater photographers. Sheephead are an interesting creature. Being a member of the wrasse family, they are related to rock wrasse. Both of these fish are hermaphrodites starting their lives as females and eventually …Read More »

  • 5 Lobster Hunting Secrets

    There are some quite obvious tips for a successful lobster hunt. One includes night diving. Lobster are nocturnal and venture forth from rocky lairs under the cover of darkness. They are much easier to capture when out in the open. Some tips are not as well known. Example: Lobsters swim “backwards” or tail-first. Always bag your lobster tail-first so they …Read More »

  • Close Focus Wide-Angle Photography

    Water is the enemy of underwater photographers. It suspends backscatter-causing particles, removes warm colors, and degrades image sharpness. Photographers try to get as little water as possible between their lenses and their subjects. This is done with specialized equipment—macro lenses and wide-angle lenses. A common technique for producing stunning underwater images is called close focus wide-angle (CFWA) photography. CFWA photographs …Read More »

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