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  • One Less Angel. Who Cares?

    On a recent lobster trip I was the only photographer onboard doing my duty as a reporter and editor for this publication. The rest of the boat were fervent lobster hunters. A few were spearfishing as well. Those who know me know I don’t have any problem with hunting so long as it is done legally and ethically. Although I …Read More »

  • OMS Recalls Buoyancy Control Systems

    Molding variations in this part as used in the OMS Buoyancy Control System (BCS) could cause cracking or breakage of part, resulting in rapid loss of buoyancy, creating a potential drowning hazard. Incidents/Injuries: There have been reported of 19 failures. These failures were discovered during inspection, with no reports of injuries or death. There are a total of 19,790 BCS …Read More »

  • The Price and Pain of Ocean Conservation

    The Price and Pain of Ocean Conservation

    The application of the Marine Life Protection Act to the coastline of California came one step closer to completion as the proposals for the area from Pt. Conception to the Mexican border were forwarded to the Fish and Game Commission for approval on December 9th. Over the next several months the merits of the proposals will be debated and final …Read More »

  • Rockfish


    The most common California reef fish, both by number of individual animals and number of species has got to be the rockfish (genus Sebastes). On every dive you are likely to see dozens of these fish and over a dozen different species. They come in many colors and fill an important niche in the reef community. The fossil record of …Read More »

  • Underwater Hunter 2

    Dale, As I do every month for the past 20 plus years, I read my copy of CDN from cover to cover. I especially enjoy your editorials and might not always agree, but heck, us old dinosaur divers got to stick together. I must say that I was a little perplexed with your recent editorial on underwater hunting and the …Read More »

  • Point Lobos Fees Go Sky High

    Point Lobos Fees Go Sky High The fee to dive Point Lobos is now $10 per diver no matter if you make reservations or not. That does not include the entry fee of $10 per car. All boats launched at Point Lobos will be $5 per boat. To do a standard dive at Point lobos without a boat is $30 …Read More »

  • Launches Mobile Site Launches Mobile Site For Divers On-the-Go A new mobile-optimized version of makes it easy for divers to browse for and purchase scuba gear directly from their mobile devices.’s vast inventory of scuba gear and snorkeling equipment is now available from anywhere thanks to the newly launched mobile site. This new mobile site offers a much faster …Read More »

  • Help! I Have Created A Monster!

    Help! I Have Created A Monster!

    Kim and I recently enjoyed a multi-day dive trip aboard the Conception out of Santa Barbara. It was four glorious days of exploring the Northern Channel Islands. While our main goal was article research and photography (with myself as the cameraman and her as the model) we had plenty of time to just knock around the reefs having fun. As …Read More »

  • Giants on the Star – Black Sea Bass Inhabit The Star of Scotland Wreck

    Giants on the Star – Black Sea Bass Inhabit The Star of Scotland Wreck

    The dive plan for the day was to have a black sea bass encounter, and the location chosen was the venerable wreck, Star of Scotland in Santa Monica Bay. Santa Monica Bay? Most divers would ask, why there, instead of Catalina? True, most divers typically meet these amazing creatures at the offshore islands, but our coastal waters harbor a robust …Read More »

  • Thoughts From An Underwater Hunter

    CDN: Just read the article, “So you want to be an underwater hunter?” in the November issue of California Diving News. Good article with some good suggestions for the would-be hunter. This would include me. I have gone spearfishing three times: 1) Front side of Catalina 08–Limited on sheephead; 2) Ship Rock 09–3 calicos, 1 sheephead; 3) Refugio 09–4 perch. …Read More »

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