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  • Fish and Game Seeks Resources, Partners for Development of a Lobster Fishery Management Plan

    The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is working to identify resources and partners that will help develop a spiny lobster Fisheries Management Plan (FMP). DFG is considering the California spiny lobster because it is a key species that supports important recreational and commercial fisheries in the Southern California marine ecosystem. An FMP for lobster also provides an opportunity …Read More »

  • Military Jet Lost in 1955 Found in Santa Monica Bay

    The wreckage of a missing Lockheed T-33A jet trainer has been found in the ocean off Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This past April, members of working in cooperation with and the Missing Aircraft Search Team (MAST) located the wreck during a sonar survey for another aircraft, a missing P-51D Mustang fighter presumed lost at sea in 1944. …Read More »

  • Operation S.E.R.V.E. Inaugural Kickoff Dive Rally and Luncheon Fundraiser

    Operation Scuba Education &Rehabilitation for Veterans Empowerment (Operation S.E.R.V.E.) is a non-profit tax-exempt (501-C3) pending national organization chartered in the state of California. Operation S.E.R.V.E’s purpose is to empower our returning military veterans by promoting physical healing, uplifting lives and providing a lifelong level of success. Primary goal of Operation S.E.R.V.E. is to improve the lives of veterans with disabilities …Read More »

  • Sevengill Shark

    Sevengill Shark

    One of the first things we noticed upon reaching the bottom was absolutely no fish–anywhere. The lighting was also strange: a strange, yellowish-green tinge to everything, lending a deserted, eerie feel to the whole place. But Dave and I had decided to forage eastward to see what we could find, so we plodded along the bottom, with Dave’s flash going …Read More »

  • Introducing

    Join one of the upcoming “Into the Drink” productions and be eligible for FREE Scubapro gear, producers of the new dive travel television show “Into the Drink”, want to give you a complete set of brand new Scubapro gear. According to producers of the eagerly-anticipated “Into the Drink” show, divers are being sought to join several upcoming filming expeditions …Read More »

  • Laguna Sea Dwellers Club Scuba Swap Benefit

    Laguna Sea Dwellers scuba diving club was established in 1996 and has grown from 22 to 150 in 2009. This year the club is sponsoring a new event, the Scuba Swap on October 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to benefit the diving community. The goal is to connect experienced divers wanting to sell their usable excess dive gear …Read More »

  • Is That Lobster Smiling at Me? (plus hunting tips)

    Do lobsters have lips? I’d swear they do for all too often I have seen them smiling at me. During the off-season they definitely look at me with that “can’t touch this” grin and I think I can even sometimes hear them snicker. But during the season it is really upsetting. They crouch back in their deep holes just a …Read More »

  • NCUPS Photo Competition Deadline is October 9th

    The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society ( proudly presents the 45th Annual SEA International Underwater Photographic Competition, and the Bob Commer Award of Excellence in Underwater Photography. This “mail-in” underwater digital still and print photography, and underwater videography competition is open to amateur photographers and videographers from around the world. Award sponsors of the SEA 2009 competition, with prizes totaling …Read More »

  • Dive Boat Review: Spectre

    Dive Boat Review: Spectre

    Anacapa Island in the northern chain of the Channel Islands is the favorite of many Southern California divers. Anacapa is the closest to shore of all the Channel Islands (a mere 11 miles from the Ventura County coastline at its closest point) and it is the second smallest of the Channel Islands (actually just three islets). It is one of …Read More »

  • Alien Creatures Of The Deep

    Alien Creatures Of The Deep

    As we head out of San Diego’s Mission Bay on a bright and sunny day, it’s the ocean conditions that will determine the dive site today. If conditions aren’t just right it will mean a kelp forest or wreck dive. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what we are hoping for is a dive experience that is quite a bit …Read More »

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