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  • Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

    Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

    Is there any such thing as a truly dry dry suit? In my 37 years of diving I have owned four dry suits. The previous, while effective and each having their strengths never seemed to be 100 percent “dry.” Water ends up in the suit either through small leaks between the skin and seals or through condensation coming from water …Read More »

  • Aquarium of the Pacific To Offer Diving In Their Palau Aquarium

    Want to dive Palau with perfect visibility and conditions and a guarantee of seeing thousands of animals but without the major travel expenses? You can do this and more without having to leave the states. For the first-time ever, general certified divers are now invited to dive into the Aquarium of the Pacific’s largest exhibit. Guests will have the opportunity …Read More »

  • Truth Aquatics Vessels to be at SCUBA Show

    The entire Truth Aquatics boat fleet will be brought out from Santa Barbara to Long Beach to be on display during the SCUBA Show. All three boats will be docked directly across from the convention center at Rainbow Harbor. This is your opportunity to see the boats, meet the crew, and sign up for great prizes. The vessels will be …Read More »

  • Disagrees with Editorial on Harbor Seals at Children’s Pool Dive Site

    In an article dated March 29th, the secretary of the San Diego Council of Divers wrote about how a major dive site can be lost to divers and the public. I honestly have to disagree with the author as access to the mentioned reef is certainly available. Simply because the reef is currently not accessible via the beach at the …Read More »

  • Joe Liburdi Named a Legend

    Joe Liburdi has been named a legend by The International Legends of Diving, a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring those men and women who have shaped the history of diving and helped inspire others.  The International Legends of Diving has recognized such notable diving legends as Zale Parry, Neal Watson, Dottie Frazier, Bob Meistrell, and Dan Orr. Joe, an underwater …Read More »

  • Sound Ocean Systems Underwater GPS

    Sound Ocean Systems Underwater GPS

    Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. announces the release of the Sea Guide, diver hand-held GPS. The Sea Guide gives recreational divers the ability to mark and relocate dive sites, wrecks, reefs, or other subsea items of interest. By utilizing the readout of a hand-held GPS system underwater, divers will spend less time searching and more time exploring. At the heart of …Read More »

  • Titan Closed Circuit Rebreather

    Titan Closed Circuit Rebreather

    A Southern California based company designed and manufactures the Titan Closed Circuit Rebreather keeping weight, safety and simplicity top priorities. Extensive research was performed to increase safety and backup systems on the Titan CCR and your local instructor can teach you how to perfect these skills. This rebreather is ultra-compact, lightweight, fully adjustable, and comes complete with the new Shearwater …Read More »

  • SCUBA Show 2010 Preview

    May 15th and 16th mark the return of the SCUBA Show, America’s largest consumer dive expo, to the Long Beach Convention Center. This event features over 200 different exhibitors in 76,000 square feet, where you can find new and revolutionary dive gear, travel specials, and get face time with dive experts in almost every field.Notable items for this year include:* …Read More »

  • Drug Smugglers Wreck on Santa Rosa Island

    A team of federal agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security arrested four Mexican citizens and seized over a ton of marijuana after sighting vessel wreckage strung along a beach on Santa Rosa Island A U.S. Navy helicopter reported sighting a Mexican panga of a type typically used for smuggling narcotics and aliens in the Southern California region about …Read More »

  • How Do You Confront a Poacher?

    CDN: On a recent dive I confronted a diver from our boat that was removing lobsters from a trap. However, it later occurred to me that it might be difficult to prosecute such an offense via the DFG for the following reasons:– Reliably identifying a diver underwater, with dive gear obscuring many facial features,– Proof! How to prove that the …Read More »

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