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  • Shark Victory in Hawaii Needs to be Copied Worldwide

    Shark Victory in Hawaii Needs to be Copied Worldwide

    Something truly miraculous and revolutionary occurred this May, and for the most part it went by unnoticed. It has been crystal clear for some time that over-fishing has precipitated a sharp decline in marine life. While some legislation to manage sustainable fisheries has been enacted locally and internationally, the management of shark fisheries has been conspicuously neglected. Earlier this year …Read More »

  • Jewels of the Sea: California?s Most Photogenic Sea Shells

    Jewels of the Sea: California?s Most Photogenic Sea Shells

    In the early years of my diving career I collected shells (a long time ago). That stopped when I learned how to photograph them. This was much more rewarding, allowing me to record not only the shell’s appearance but the animal that lived in it and behaviors such as mating and laying eggs. No longer alive and removed from their …Read More »

  • North Central Coast Marine Protected Areas Now In Effect

    Twenty-one marine protected areas (MPAs) adopted last year by the California Fish and Game Commission took effect May 1, 2010 along California’s north-central coast. The new regulations are being implemented as part of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), which requires that California reexamine and redesign its system of MPAs with the goal of increasing its effectiveness at protecting the …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Octopus

    Southern California hosts a large variety of octopi (plural of octopus can be either octopi or octopuses) that can be found on almost any dive site. They love to hide in cracks and crevices and will even use discarded shells as shelter. Some of the more common octopi found here are California two-spot octopus (Octopus bimaculatus) and Eastern Pacific red …Read More »

  • How to Choose A Dive Trip

    So you’ve found yourself with a day or two off and a few bucks and you want to go diving. How do you choose your next local dive trip for maximum fun, ease and experience? Below are some items for consideration. AVAILABLE DATESOf course this will be your first factor to consider. The good thing is there are options not …Read More »

  • What Do you Do with A Short Halibut?

    A friend and I were scuba diving near San Diego.  He was spearfishing and I was just sightseeing.  He shot a halibut that looked pretty good-sized to me.  When we swam back to our boat, he measured the fish and found that it was a half-inch short.  He threw the dead fish overboard, and we returned to shore empty-handed.  It …Read More »

  • Charter Dive Boat To Serve South Orange Co. Coastline

    Charter Dive Boat To Serve South Orange Co. Coastline

    Beach Cities Scuba Centers has five locations throughout Orange County, and for over 40 years they have been working to provide full service to divers of all certification levels. Beginning in April 2010, divers will begin exploring some rarely visited areas off the southern Orange County coastline, with the comfort of a full-service dive boat as Beach Cities Scuba is …Read More »

  • Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

    Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

    Is there any such thing as a truly dry dry suit? In my 37 years of diving I have owned four dry suits. The previous, while effective and each having their strengths never seemed to be 100 percent “dry.” Water ends up in the suit either through small leaks between the skin and seals or through condensation coming from water …Read More »

  • Aquarium of the Pacific To Offer Diving In Their Palau Aquarium

    Want to dive Palau with perfect visibility and conditions and a guarantee of seeing thousands of animals but without the major travel expenses? You can do this and more without having to leave the states. For the first-time ever, general certified divers are now invited to dive into the Aquarium of the Pacific’s largest exhibit. Guests will have the opportunity …Read More »

  • Truth Aquatics Vessels to be at SCUBA Show

    The entire Truth Aquatics boat fleet will be brought out from Santa Barbara to Long Beach to be on display during the SCUBA Show. All three boats will be docked directly across from the convention center at Rainbow Harbor. This is your opportunity to see the boats, meet the crew, and sign up for great prizes. The vessels will be …Read More »

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