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  • Chestnut Cowries

    Chestnut Cowries

    Some shells must be cleaned and polished to reveal their jewel-like qualities, while others are perfect gems just as they are found in the ocean. One of the most beautiful shells found in California is the chestnut cowry, and this shell needs no work to show off its inner beauty. Cowries, in general, and chestnut cowries, specifically, have such stunning …Read More »

  • Work Within the Limitations of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera

    Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan once spoke the immortal words, “A man’s got to know his limitations…” These simple words can arouse insightful pondering to expose the heart of an issue. They also can be valuable to divers who use point-and-shoot cameras. Owners of high-end, digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera systems get great images from their superb and versatile …Read More »

  • Benefits and Fun of the Social Aspect of Diving

    This is going to sound like blasphemy but there is more to diving than just diving. Of course our primary goal is to spend as much time underwater as possible, but we can get so much more out of our favorite leisure activity. While solo diving has become more widely accepted in the diving world, the social aspect of diving …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Moray Eels

    Second only to sharks are our photos of sharp-fanged moray eels that most impress our non-diving friends on the “dangers” of the deep-sea realm. Of course, we know better but with the right techniques we can still capture these impressive creatures in all their various “moods” from “smiling” to a ferrous fanged grin. Various lighting techniques and camera angles will …Read More »

  • A Giant (Rock Scallop) Mystery

    A Giant (Rock Scallop) Mystery

    An ex-boyfriend once complained: “I’ve never met a woman who asked so many questions!” At the time, of course, he was trying to avoid answering one. What can I say? The mysteries of life intrigue me. One of them involves the giant rock scallop (Crassadoma gigantea). Everything I’ve read says they have orange mantles but that’s not always the case. …Read More »

  • Product Review: IST S55 Ti Boots

    Product Review: IST S55 Ti Boots

    The purchase of dive boots (or “booties” for us old-timers) is all too often something that is not given enough consideration — that is until one of three things happen: you slip and fall unexpectedly on a slick boat deck or rocks in the surf, feet cramp up on a dive or long walk to and from the dive site, …Read More »

  • Underwater World Shoot-Out — August 1-8, 2011

    The six-day World Shoot-Out will take place on August 1-8, 2011, in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more. During the week the whole underwater world will be performing as one huge festival, hosting professional and amateur photographers competing with each other for some cash and very worthy prizes. …Read More »

  • NorCal Underwater Hunters Big Ab Competition — August 20

    This special event will begin at Ocean Cove, Sonoma County on the California’s North Coast. It is open to free-divers only and current California Department of Fishing Game laws apply. Entry fees are $30 if preregistered and $40 day of event. To receive a free shirt you must preregister. The preregistration will end on July 20. After that you will …Read More »

  • Monterey Shootout Underwater Photo and Video Competition — September 9-11

    The 2011 Monterey Shootout underwater photo and video competition will be held September 9-11, 2011. Formerly known as the Northern California Underwater Beach and Boat Dive Competition, the 2011 Monterey Shootout has expanded to include a film festival, multiple educational seminars, and much more. In this unique, three-day event, underwater photographers and videographers of all experience levels are invited to …Read More »

  • SoCal Shootout Photo/Video Contest — September 16-18

    Bluewater Photo is hosting the 1st annual SoCal Shootout in September. Divers can shoot photos or videos anytime, anywhere in Southern California on September 16-18. There are 9 different categories for compact, DSLR and video shooters and $7,500 worth of prizes including liveaboard trips, resort trips, strobes, lights and more. Highlights include a weeklong stay at the Marco Vincent dive …Read More »

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