Ocean Master Knight Pro BC

Buoyancy compensators have been well built for function. And they have been well built for safety. Comfort sometimes, however, seems to take a back seat. Of course function and safety must always be a priority, but when full comfort can also be added, then you have a excellent BC. Enter the Ocean Master Knight Pro BC. Although the Knight Pro BC is Ocean Master’s first foray into the BC market, Ocean Master is not new to creating innovative dive gear. They started simple with the […]

Sensus Pro

Okay, I’ll be honest, my wife won this device in a raffle. I was not even sure what it was. After only a few dives, the Sensus Pro is now a very important part of my dive gear bag. And I wear it on every dive. She wants it back, and we’ll be purchasing another one soon. In the simplest terms the Sensus Pro is a “Black Box” for divers. Much as a “black box” on an airplane records important data during a flight, the […]


One thing is for sure, show up on the dive boat with one of these masks and you will certainly stand out. You’ll field a lot of questions. What is that? I even had a child ask me if it was underwater night vision! The HydroOptix mask is such a radical departure from the ordinary dive mask it has admittedly made some people skeptical. Can the insect-like bubble-eye mask really improve your underwater vision that much? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Underwater the HydroOptix […]

Armor Ballistic Pullcart

You can’t help but notice that more divers are using hard cases to protect and transport their dive gear. While a hard case has many advantages, mainly maximum protection for your gear, it has disadvantages as well, namely being the heavy weight. Is there a way to gain the advantage of a hard case without the weight? Is there a way to gain at least some of the advantages of a soft bag such as multiple pockets? The Armor Ballistic Pullcart #1 bag does just […]

Body Glove Excursion Wetsuit

I have been snorkeling since the age of three, using a number of different wetsuits over the years, sometimes hand-me-downs from my older brothers. I have always liked the Body Glove suits the best. When I started scuba diving three years ago at the age of eleven, I needed more warmth. Built more like my Dad (husky) than mybrothers (slender), a custom wetsuit was the best choice. Then I grew four inches in ten months. Another wetsuit was needed and, still growing, I would try […]

Sea Quest Fusion BC

One of the least understood elements in underwater comfort is buoyancy balance. Buoyancy balance is the proper placement on the body elements of buoyancy (the buoyancy compensator or “BC”) and weight (lead). Put in the proper positions, in the right amounts, and the diver can totally relax underwater, not just hanging effortlessly midwater, but doing so in the desired body position (horizontal, slightly head up, slightly head down, vertical, etc.). How all this happens, and happens correctly, is largely dictated by the weight belt and […]

Action Plus EZ Stretch Wetsuit

Diving keeps getting easier and easier. The gear gets smoother, streamlined, more high tech and with that, we divers get more and more spoiled. But I like being spoiled—who doesn’t? The latest innovation from Action Plus is their EZ Stretch Suit. The name tells you at a glance one of its best features. It is made of a highly elastic neoprene material. This stretching material makes is easy to get on. You don’t have to tug and pull to get it over your knees and […]

IST T-04 Torch Dive Light

If you want a powerful dive light go rechargable. Rechargeable batteries are able to give the punch the proper quality bulb needed for real brightness. Problem is most rechargeable dive lights can be expensive. The IST T-04 Torch dive light gives you the power and usefulness of a rechargeable but without the expense. This is an excellent value full-sized rechargeable dive light. For about the same cost of an ordinary alkaline battery dive light, the T-04 delivers high power in a large light that is […]

Aquatec Mini-Light

While night diving we need to have three reliable dive lights — a primary, secondary or back-up light and a diver locator light. The primary is a powerful light for looking around. The secondary is a compact light of moderate power to safely surface and return to the entry point (boat or shore) should the primary light fail. A diver locator light is small and omnidirectional that shows others on shore or in a boat where a diver is on the surface. It can also […]

Dive Logs

I am a good diver with 31 years of active diving. But there are some things I do not do well, or not at all. Logging my dives is the worst. Other than scratching out a few notes on a legal pad, I do none. Even the notes are only because I write articles that depend on that material. It is detailed with depths, marine life and maps but not bottom times, etc. My excuse is that as a commercial diver I was required by […]

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