DUI Xm450 Insulation Jumpsuit

With feedback from divers around the world, DUI combined Thinsulate™ Ultra 400 Type BZ with Polartec® PowerStretch® to create a new ultra-warm and close fitting dry suit undergarment. The Polartec PowerStretch panels are strategically placed for maximum mobility in the armpits, mid-back, around the waist, knees and down the sides of the legs. The outer shell is wind-and-spray resistant with high-tenacity technical ripstop. The new underwear is fleece lined with AEGIS Microbe Shield®-Antimicrobial fabric. Thinsulate Ultra 400 BZ is hydrophobic which means the material will […]

truWest Dive Parka

truWest, a premier manufacturer of dive parkas, also specializes in custom manufactured parkas in choice of colors. truWest dive parkas offer maximum protection against Mother Nature on a bad day. Features include, a waterproof shell fabric, thick truArctic fleece liners, triple stitched stress seams and bar-tacked reinforced welt pockets. truWest dive parkas are available in 15 outside colors and 16 inside colors and come in 11 different sizes. The parkas can also be personalized with embroidered logos, words and other embellishments such as dive flags. […]

Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau DVD

Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau is the latest DVD video from Hammerhead Video. The program takes you on a tropical adventure to dive the wrecks of Chuuk and the reefs of Palau. These are two of the most exciting dive destinations in the world. In Chuuk Lagoon you’ll see ships, planes, tanks, torpedoes, gas masks, and more. Dive sites shown on this disk in Chuuk include the Fujikawa Maru, Sankisan Maru, Heian Maru, Pizion Reef, Hoyo Maru, Hoki Maru, […]

Snorkel Savvy

Some time ago I was on a dive boat where the current had shifted 180 degrees. Fortunately, it had gone from strong to only moderate, but it left a fair amount of divers stuck downcurrent with a long snorkel back to the boat as the only alternative. A handful of divers returned to the boat huffing, puffing, coughing and sputtering from what should have been just a moderate swim back to the boat. I like to people watch and sometimes dive boats are the best […]

How to Buy a Dive Mask: The 3 Most Important Points

I’ve seen more dives ruined by dive mask problems than any other piece of dive gear. Hey, if you can’t see, what’s the point? Furthermore, a leaky dive mask will lead to coughing, sputtering, and an overall sense of claustrophobia. You gotta have the right dive mask—and faces are as individual as fingerprints. Throw in moustaches, scars, etc., and you’ve got a mix that can be hard to overcome. The good news is masks are better than ever. Here are the three most important points […]

How to Buy A Dive Knife

A dive knife has long been considered a necessary piece of dive gear for extraction in the unlikely event of entanglement. But more than that, the dive knife has become an important tool for light underwater work, exploration, probing, and hunting. PURPOSES Specifically what kind of dive knife you choose will depend largely on its intended use. If you are a spearfisher, you’ll need a razor sharp knife with a sharp point (for quickly dispatching a large fish, if necessary). If you like to take […]

Seahorse Cases with Distinctive Color and Pattern Finishes

Seahorse, manufacturer of high quality, certified watertight, airtight, dust-proof, crushproof carrying cases has announced a line of their famous cases in distinctive, colorful finishes including Camouflage, exotic Red, Blue and Black brushed aluminum, colorful Seawater Blue wet-look, Grey carbon-fiber and Black carbon-fiber. Seahorse cases come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For more information on Seahorse cases, visit online.

NiteRider DeepStar LED Aluminum Canister Light

New to the NiteRider line of dive lights is the DeepStar LED Elite. Using the latest hi-wattage LEDs combined with a digital controller, NiteRider has developed a new line of LED lights that are incredibly bright. The rechargeable Li-Ion Battery produces a high beam for 4+ hours and 50 percent low beam for 8 hours. The magnetic switch on the headlamp is a unique design that allows easy operation even with gloves on. The solid-state construction and machined aluminum housing and battery canister make for […]

YourTankTag has launched a new line of unique nametags for scuba gear. These versatile tags, personalized with a diver’s name, initials, or nickname, make identifying your gear a snap. On a crowded dive boat or beach, dive gear often looks the same. The majority of buoyancy compensators (BCs) and wetsuits are manufactured in black, grey or blue colors, making it hard to pick out your gear or your buddy from the crowd. has produced a new stylish line of personalized nametags made from the […]

iDive Waterproof Housing for iPod

H2O Audio, a leading watersports music company, has announced its new solution for scuba diving, free diving and snorkeling, the iDive 300™. The new iDive “Deep Dive” Waterproof Housing and Over Ear Speakers provide iPod users with the ability to take their podcasts, training videos, music and movies to an unprecedented submersion depth of 300 feet. “Three years ago we introduced the world’s first waterproof housing and speakers developed for scuba diving, the DV-i700. Even though the number of supported mp3 players was small, the […]

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