I have been snorkeling since the age of three, using a number of different wetsuits over the years, sometimes hand-me-downs from my older brothers. I have always liked the Body Glove suits the best.

When I started scuba diving three years ago at the age of eleven, I needed more warmth. Built more like my Dad (husky) than my
brothers (slender), a custom wetsuit was the best choice. Then I grew four inches in ten months. Another wetsuit was needed and, still growing, I would try a less-expensive off-the-rack suit instead. On top of that, it was winter and I would need a very warm suit. But I also wanted a suit that was flexible for my growth and have a flexible configuration to go light in the summer and enjoy during surfing. The Excursion from Body Glove was my choice.

Wetsuits can be thick, but that is not the only thing that keeps in the warmth. Many different wetsuits can keep you fairly warm, but the Excursion does not let the warmth out from your body. I chose a two-layer approach. The first layer of the suit—a jumpsuit—is 5mm thick, which makes it warm and comfortable, yet flexible. A hooded vest, which fits over the jumpsuit, is also 5mm thick, and keeps your head warm. Being an attached hood, cold water leakage is kept to a minimum. Now some people may think that a snug hood may hurt your head, but the hood is a comfortably snug fit.

I have had wetsuits that were warm, but stiff and hard to get on and hard to move around in. The Excursion does not fall into this category. I had more flexibility in this wetsuit than I did with any other suit. I also had no problems slipping on this wetsuit. The exterior material is made with X-Flex neoprene for fantastic flexibility as well as strength. There is 100 percent stretch through the entire pattern. Along with the X-Flex neoprene, this wetsuit also has a Glideskin interior that makes the suit very easy to put on, dries quickly, and increases warmth.

The Excursion is triple-glued and blind-stitched, which keeps the seams secured and tough. It is anatomically cut with a pre-bent pattern making it more easy to move in. As you know, when you’re diving, you sometimes get banged up a bit, so the new Supratex kneepads on the Excursion will prevent your knees from getting beat up.

For many beach divers who are bothered by sand in the suit, the Excursion is made with an offset tooth clinch zipper, keeping sand out. Also, if you don’t want to leave your keys on the beach, the Excursion comes with an interior key pocket so you wont have to worry about keys again.

In all, I give the Excursion a very high rating. It is ideal for diving in California waters.

For more information, visit www.bodyglove.com on the web.