Divegear Boat Coat

Cold. It is a fact of life for California divers. But dealing with it properly with a good fitting thick wetsuit or quality dry suit, and it becomes much less of an issue. Underwater thermal protection, however, is not where it ends. Far too many divers sit on dive boats shivering, unwilling to go in for another dive because they ignored one very simple warmth-sapping factor—evaporation. If you are wet, or even just damp, and there is even just a breeze blowing, you will become […]

BearSkin Pro-Tech Extreme Semi-Dry Suit

With a dry suit you stay warm by staying dry—simple. With a wetsuit you are, well, wet. So just what is a “semi-dry” suit anyway? The best way to think of a semi-dry suit is a wetsuit on steroids. First, you need to understand how and why a good wetsuit works to understand why a semi-dry works even better. A good wetsuit allows a thin layer of water in between your skin and the thermal insulating neoprene. Your body warms this water and the foam […]

IST M100 Panorama Mask

The Panorama mask by IST Diving Systems is the most radical design change for dive masks to come along in years. Virtually all dive masks for the last two decades have been constructed with plastic frames. The Panorama mask frame is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-quality aluminum. The aluminum gives the mask several great advantages. The most obvious is strength. I will never forget an incident on a dive boat that drove this home. A diver had left a plastic frame mask on […]

Pelaj Railgun Speargun

Pelaj announces that its Railgun range is now available worldwide. Comprising four models, Pelaj has a rail gun to suit every fish —from a mullet to a marlin. Made in Australia, the Pelaj Railgun range features numerous innovations including: reinforced Rhino speed barrels allowing use of stronger multiple rubbers resulting in more powerful, accurate shots; double clip in muzzles aligning both rubbers perfectly parallel to spear travel providing optimum energy transfer; triple rubber clip in power band muzzles — first on a production railgun; exceptional […]

Fantasea Line FD-40X Waterproof Housing For the Nikon D-60, D-40 and D-40X

Fantasea Line, distributor of popular and affordable underwater photographic products, announces the release of the FD-40X waterproof camera housing dedicated exclusively to the new Nikon Digital D-60, D-40 and D-40X cameras. Together, the FD-40X housing and the D-60/D-40/D-40X camera offer an excellent combination for entry-level underwater DSLR photography at an affordable price. The FD-40X’s interchangeable port system accommodates a wide variety of SLR lenses, allowing photographers to capture the widest variety of superior underwater images. The Fantasea lens system provides the opportunity to use the […]

Hardigg Storm Cases

Hardigg Cases are now designing versatile injection molded protective cases for the underwater enthusiast – the Storm Case. These highly respected waterproof cases are just the thing for underwater equipment such as regulators, BCD’s, fins, masks, cameras, dive bags, dry suits, wetsuits, tanks, gauges, lights, First Aid and more. Storm Cases are designed to transport a wide range of sensitive equipment in practically any environment. These rugged cases are water-resistant, lightweight, dent-resistant and virtually unbreakable. They are constructed from Hardigg’s HPX® High Performance Resin and […]

Island of the Great White Shark

A precarious population of great white sharks and the ongoing scientific research intended to secure their survival is the subject of Island of the Great White Shark, a just completed documentary film by RTSea Productions. The production is the culmination of a three-year effort by filmmaker Richard Theiss to provide the first comprehensive look at the great white sharks found at the remote Mexican island of Isla Guadalupe, Baja. The film explores many of the issues surrounding these highly misunderstood animals, the efforts of dedicated […]

A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, 4th Edition

Beach diving in Southern California is easy, fun and exciting. Clear, life- filled waters, and game (including lobster) are right in Southern California’s back yard. Southern California’s most outstanding beach dive sites—70 in all—are covered in the newly released book A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, 4th Edition. All information in this revised edition has been updated. Many new dive site chapters have been added. Inside, you will also find informative and entertaining sidebars on marine life, hunting, photography, beach diving techniques […]

APS Mantaray Fin Review

Taking the APS Mantaray fins out of the box I was first struck by their length — shorter than most fins. Comparing them to my usual and much loved Force Fin Extra Force, they were actually about the same length. Compared to my wife’s Atomic split-fins, however, they were a good six inches shorter. Does the length of the blade translate to a more effective and efficient fin? I remember when my shorter Force Fin proved to me it was fin design, not just blade […]

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