If you want a powerful dive light go rechargable. Rechargeable batteries are able to give the punch the proper quality bulb needed for real brightness. Problem is most rechargeable dive lights can be expensive. The IST T-04 Torch dive light gives you the power and usefulness of a rechargeable but without the expense. This is an excellent value full-sized rechargeable dive light.

For about the same cost of an ordinary alkaline battery dive light, the T-04 delivers high power in a large light that is ideal for night diving and, in particular to California divers, lobster hunting.

Burn time on the fully recharged single dry-cell battery is a whopping 2.5 hours. The bulb included is high-quality Japanese-made Halogen for maximum brightness and durability.

Shearwater TERN

Light quality is clean, white and bright although somewhat “hot” in the middle. I made two dives with the light on one charge. The first was a day beach dive in the deep and sometimes dark Redondo Submarine Canyon. It provided excellent illumination for bringing out the colorful details of the odd creatures living in these depths. The next day I made a night dive again fully satisfied with the light’s performance; this, in spite of the fact that I had dragged it through the surf and sand the day before. The light, rechargable battery and all, showed no sign of quitting.

The light retails for less than $100, again, an excellent value. IST has a full line of dive gear from masks to fins, regulators, BCs, and now wetsuits. For more information, visit IST’s web site at www.istsports.com.

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