Considerations for Consoles

If you think a dive console is simply a collection of gauges, you’re sorely mistaken. The console of the 21st century has become a dive information center, a way to plan dives and track their progress. It not only organizes several pieces of gear, but it should assist in organizing your dive THINKING. A good console will tell you your relative position in space and time. It will tell you where you’ve been, how long you’ve been there, where you should be going, and the […]

Getting a Grip on Gloves

In the tropics it is now advocated that you not wear dive gloves when you dive. It is said that gloves give you the sense of “permission” to touch the delicate coral reefs. While this may be well and good, it does not, and cannot, apply to California diving. We dive in a much more harsh environment than your run of the mill tropical island. Temperature alone is enough to have you throwing on the warmest gloves possible. And then there is the urchins, wrecks, […]

Snorkels: How They Work, How They Work Best

Along with the mask, it was the first piece of dive gear invented. The snorkel allowed the user to breath underwater (albeit only a few inches) and take in the grandeur of the underwater world. BASIC PRINCIPLE At its most basic level, the snorkel is simply a tube that allows you to breath surface air with your body partially submerged. So why won’t it work a few feet down rather than just a few inches? Simply put, our lungs are relatively weak and cannot overcome […]

WaterGlide Wetsuit Lubricant

WaterGlide™ is a skin lubricant designed specifically to aid the donning and removal of all types of wet suits, dry suits, and associated accessories. It prolongs the usable life of neoprene, latex, other synthetic and natural rubber and reduces chafing, abrasion and uncomfortable rashes on your skin. It works when suits are both dry and wet and helps shun debris such as sand. The product has been extensively tested in warm and cold water diving exercises with all types of dry and wetsuits. WaterGlide increases […]

JMJ Custom Westsuit Review

I will be the first to admit it; I am a cold-water wimp. It’s not entirely my fault. I don’t have a body that retains heat and off-the-rack wetsuits tend to not fit me. In fact, on my certification checkout dive, I was wearing a rental wetsuit and the instructor stopped the dive because I could not stop shivering. A drysuit could be a good option but I’m not the biggest fan of things that restrict your neck. So if I wanted to dive California, […]

Seasoft Flashlight Pocket

As a diver, I hate when my gear is dangling in the current. Not only can it be unsafe, it doesn’t make for a good picture either. I also hate having a ton of stuff strapped around my wrists. My camera is practically unavoidable, but my dive light can be quite annoying. Well, thank goodness, that the people at Seasoft have come up with a great solution, the Seasoft Flashlight Pocket. I have always had trouble locating my gear when I’m underwater. I think I […]

Epoque ES-150 DS and ES-230 DS Auto Strobes

The Epoque ES-150 DSα and the ES-230 DS Auto underwater strobes can restore the vivid colors that are lost underwater as the sun’s light is filtered. Compact in their design, but powerful in their lighting ability, this pair of underwater strobes can be used with all digital underwater photographic systems. To capture all the magnificent colors that exist underwater, you must use a strobe. The Epoque ES-150 DSα strobe is a powerhouse of high performance in the most compact size in its class. The ES-230 […]

AquaTec T-Rex Knife

When smart designers combine functionality with style, a strange thing happens—functionality seems to double. It’s true with cars, computers (I love the Mac), fins, and more. Perhaps it’s because when the design team wants to make a product look as good as it functions, they take every detail very seriously, including the maximizing of function. Such as the case with the T-Rex dive knife from AquaTec. Before you even touch it, take a good look. The sweeping lines are smooth and attractive. You can tell […]

Aquatec Air-3 Combo Power Inflator

Streamlining underwater for the diver is always desirable. Movement through the water is easier. Management of equipment is also simplified. As California divers, however, streamlining is not just something to do to make diving easier, it is a necessity. Every extra gauge, hose, console, inflator, or regulator, hanging from our bodies underwater is a potential snag point in the thick kelp. This is at a minimum quite annoying — in some cases dangerous. We MUST streamline. Devices that combined a safe-second regulator (“octopus”) and the […]

Olympus Stylus 400 Digital Camera & PT-016 Housing Combo

A great underwater photography set-up begins with the camera inside the housing. The second step is to have a housing built specially for that camera. Olympus has done just that and accomplished a compact and effective underwater photography rig that is effective, affordable, and easy to use. More importantly, it takes great underwater shots with minimal knowledge in underwater photography. It is a system that is versatile and can be built upon, allowing the buddy underwater photographer to grow. The PT-016 housing fits either the […]

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