Sea and Sea DX2G Sport Package Review

When I first switched to digital a few years back I had waited for SLR cameras to get to a minimum of 5 megapixels. They hit it and I bought a nice expensive SLR camera, wrapped it in an equally expensive housing and off I went underwater to shoot away. Needless to say, it was barely adequate but it did the job. And technology moved ahead at a blindingly rapid pace. Cameras became much cheaper, more versatile, and hosted far more megapixels than I could […]

Product Review: IST S55 Ti Boots

The purchase of dive boots (or “booties” for us old-timers) is all too often something that is not given enough consideration — that is until one of three things happen: you slip and fall unexpectedly on a slick boat deck or rocks in the surf, feet cramp up on a dive or long walk to and from the dive site, or the boots wear out prematurely or simply fall apart unexpectedly. The IST S55 dive boots’ design thwarts these all too frequent problems. Heart of […]

Atomic Cobalt Computer Review

Let me get this out of my system right away. I was first attracted to the Atomic Cobalt dive computer simply because it looked really cool. The bright colorful lights and numbers mesmerized me. Wow! When I first dived with it on a boat recently, other divers onboard were equally enthralled with the display. I am not much one for status symbols but here I had one. Since their introduction last year, the Atomic Cobalt computer has been in incredible demand, limited supply and, unfortunately, […]

Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

Is there any such thing as a truly dry dry suit? In my 37 years of diving I have owned four dry suits. The previous, while effective and each having their strengths never seemed to be 100 percent “dry.” Water ends up in the suit either through small leaks between the skin and seals or through condensation coming from water evaporated through the skin. What is important is how the dry suit and its accompanying underwear deal with this moisture. My fourth and most recent […]

Sherwood Scuba Wisdom 2 Dive Computer

Talking to many new divers I find more often that not the one piece of equipment considered for purchase causing more consternation than anything else is a dive computer. They are expensive (some over $1,300), feature filled almost to the point of confusion, and sometimes it is hard to find a particular model in stock. While I am not a novice diver, I went looking for a new computer with that frame of mind, if for no other reason that I very much enjoy simplicity […]

Product Review: IST M88 BlueTech Dive Mask

For 2010 IST Sports has introduced a half a dozen new dive masks to its already extensive dive mask line. In my opinion one mask, in particular, that is destined to become quite popular is the new M88 BlueTech. The mask has a number of features that combine to make this a top quality dive mask. None stands out more in my mind, however, than the strap buckle system. The strap tightens with a pull of the end–easy and common enough, but the way the […]

Aquastar Dive Light Review

In a fully lit room while silent, using just your finger, try pointing out an object about the size of quarter to your friend from across the room. See if they can spot it. Now try doing the same with an ordinary compact dive light. Easier, yes, but still difficult, especially if that small object thing worthy of your attention is moving. Underwater it becomes even more difficult. It is in this kind of situation that I discovered the outstanding value of the powerful Aquatec […]

JMJ Custom Westsuit Review

I will be the first to admit it; I am a cold-water wimp. It’s not entirely my fault. I don’t have a body that retains heat and off-the-rack wetsuits tend to not fit me. In fact, on my certification checkout dive, I was wearing a rental wetsuit and the instructor stopped the dive because I could not stop shivering. A drysuit could be a good option but I’m not the biggest fan of things that restrict your neck. So if I wanted to dive California, […]

Seasoft Flashlight Pocket

As a diver, I hate when my gear is dangling in the current. Not only can it be unsafe, it doesn’t make for a good picture either. I also hate having a ton of stuff strapped around my wrists. My camera is practically unavoidable, but my dive light can be quite annoying. Well, thank goodness, that the people at Seasoft have come up with a great solution, the Seasoft Flashlight Pocket. I have always had trouble locating my gear when I’m underwater. I think I […]

AquaTec T-Rex Knife

When smart designers combine functionality with style, a strange thing happens—functionality seems to double. It’s true with cars, computers (I love the Mac), fins, and more. Perhaps it’s because when the design team wants to make a product look as good as it functions, they take every detail very seriously, including the maximizing of function. Such as the case with the T-Rex dive knife from AquaTec. Before you even touch it, take a good look. The sweeping lines are smooth and attractive. You can tell […]

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