Diving keeps getting easier and easier. The gear gets smoother, streamlined, more high tech and with that, we divers get more and more spoiled. But I like being spoiled—who doesn’t?

The latest innovation from Action Plus is their EZ Stretch Suit. The name tells you at a glance one of its best features. It is made of a highly elastic neoprene material. This stretching material makes is easy to get on. You don’t have to tug and pull to get it over your knees and elbows. It conforms to the body, making it feel as if it were a custom fit. The elasticity of the material makes it easy to layer a vest over or under the wetsuit should you decide to wear this during the cold winter months.

The 4-way stretch makes it is easy to put the wetsuit on over wet or dry skin. Making the donning of the suit even easier is the smooth skin side of the suit. It is made of a super composite skin titanium metal that is very slick and slides smoothly over the skin—no lubricants needed.

The skin-in type of material is made to reflect back the warmth of your body to keep you warmer. In addition, the inside of the suit does not absorb water so you are dryer, and warmer, at the start of every dive.

Made of a new concept in neoprene called Nano Technology, this wetsuit material has 4 layers. The top layer is neoprene with tiny capsules applied over the surface of the close cell neoprene. This is the part that repels water and retains heat. It also allows the wetsuit thinner while keeping the warmth. The second layer (Super Composite Skin) does not absorb water, dries quickly, and will deter bacteria growth, lengthening the life of the suit. The third layer is the titanium; this is the part of the wetsuit that does the reflecting of the heat, making a warmer suit. The fourth layer is a stretchy neoprene, making the suit very comfortable.

The wetsuit is available in a front zip jumpsuit for both men and women in a 3mm and 5mm. Color is black with royal bue trim. The wetsuit has the standard high quality construction of triple gluing and blind stitching. The edges are all finished in lycra taping. The zipper is heavy duty built to last, even for the hard core beach diver.

Sizes are extremely generous ranging from S to 3XL for men and S to 2XL for women. For more information on the EZ Stretch or other products from Action Plus, contact www.action-plus.com.