The Single Dive Time-Warp

On a recent dive trip to Catalina Island I was sharing the boat with two basic classes, visiting the island and its underwater realms for the first time. While the kelp was thick, marine life abundant, the water clarity this day left something to be desired. It was an unusually poor day for Catalina with visibility averaging about 20 feet. This was not just one isolated spot but rather consistent on the frontside of the island. Not a good day for Catalina. The new divers […]

Laguna Beach Diving Ordinances and Lifeguard/Diver Relations

Beach diving in Southern California can be a marvelous experience. We may be a little biased, but beach diving within the city limits of Laguna Beach and nearby Crystal Cove State Park offers some of the best and most diverse reef structures and variety of dive sites available—and all within an easy drive for most Southern Californian divers. Continuing our efforts to support all divers visiting Laguna area beaches, we would like to remind you about and outline the City mandated Diving Ordinance. The ordinance […]

Catalina at the Marine Crossroads

At the present time an extraordinary process is happening which will forever alter the marine landscape of California’s waters. In response to a legislative mandate, a team of scientists and Department of Fish and Game managers are selecting and mapping out a series of Marine Protected Areas (“MPA”) with a goal of ensuring the preservation of our marine heritage. The driving process is a Bill known as the Marine Life Protection Act (“MLPA”) that became effective January 1, 2000. The MLPA requires that a significant […]

What I Learned On My (Son’s) Summer Scuba Certification Course

My 11-year-old son, Eric, got certified this summer and I learned a lot, more than I had ever expected. Being a concerned father (actually a worry-wort), I used the excuse of being editor of this fine publication to tag along on every dive, including all the pool sessions. I found myself doing two main things: First, as Eric learned his scuba skills, I reviewed the same valuable skills that I had not practiced in many years. No matter how long it’s been since your basic […]

Dive Gear We Wish They’d Invent

God bless the dive gear makers. They are always coming up with something new, different, and “revolutionary!” Most of this stuff is quite good – too bad we can’ afford it all. Some of it is, well, crap. But we divers are gadget freaks. We want the new toy and we want to be the first on the block-uh- boat to have it. I know I am not satisfied. Not only have I yet to purchase all the neat new stuff out there, I am […]

Lessons Taught By and Early Winter Storm

Winter diving in California can be great with fantastic water clarity but there are those days when you get “whopped up side da head.” Such was the day on December 9 when storm of unexpected ferrousity struck. To varying degrees, dive boats were caught offshore and some, myself included, had quite a bad experience of it. The day began with good sailing out of Long Beach aboard the Iron Eagle with my wife and 12-year old son and the Catalina Conservancy Divers. Judging by the […]

Resolutions for the Diving Season: Why this Year Will Be Different

Many “resolutions” were made (and broken) a long time ago at the turn of the new year. While I am not willing to follow the turn of the calendar year, I do believe in the value of having annual goals or “resolutions” if you will. With spring and warmer weather soon on the way, diving becomes a greater interest. This year I am making diving a greater priority. I will get wet more often and in different ways. First, I will simply dive more often. […]

Knowing It’s Always There; Always Wanting to Be There

Looking over photos for this publication, I am often sucked right into the pictures. Those animals are out there, waiting for me to play with them. The deep blue, ready for me to be immersed in. The ocean wants me to commune. Countless reefs to explore. A thousand underwater experiences to be had. And it is often what I most need right now. Editorial, advertising, staffing, taxes, budgets, computers, and more are all parts of a business that needs my attention and takes up my […]

Italian Family Diving

There have been a lot of articles lately in the other dive magazines touting the benefits of diving with your family. Obviously, these article are not written by authors in Italian families. My wife’s family background is heavy Italian and while they are loving and demonstrative of that love, when they fight, my God they can fight! That Italian disposition has been passed on to my sons, including my 12 year old who just got scuba certified. Don’t get me wrong. There are some advantages […]

Harvest Refugia Needed Now

After diving California waters for nearly three decades I am amazed how resilient our local oceans can be. Humans and nature deliver blow after blow and she comes back, often quite strong. The recent El Niño is an example. A few years ago it was difficult to find any kelp beds on the south coast; now they are thick and extensive. The ocean can even recover from the onslaught of man, if properly managed, or just plain left alone. Giant Black Sea Bass have made […]

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