God bless the dive gear makers. They are always coming up with something new, different, and “revolutionary!” Most of this stuff is quite good – too bad we can’ afford it all. Some of it is, well, crap. But we divers are gadget freaks. We want the new toy and we want to be the first on the block-uh- boat to have it.

I know I am not satisfied. Not only have I yet to purchase all the neat new stuff out there, I am waiting for them to invent some stuff that I would buy up in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I am likely to be waiting a long time.

Gear I wish they’d invent:
– Self-packing dive gear
– Self-donning dive gear
– Lighter than air dive gear (especially lead and tanks)
– Self-removing dive gear
and especially —
– Dive gear that washes itself and stores itself.

Other ideas for the scuba inventors to work on:
– Glow in the dark dive suits that can be turned on and off as needed.
– Masks that double as fashionable eyewear, either as sunglasses or for prescription purposes.
– Dive gear that automatically sheds sand for those hardcore beach divers.
– Dive skins should become acceptable streetwear (it works on Sci-Fi TV shows!)

Okay, dive gear inventors and makers, get to work and I’ll see you at the next trade show!