Stop Complaining and Get Warm

Spend enough time on dive boats and you’ll see what will shut down diving quickly. It usually happens right after the second or third dive. Diving stops because they can’t control their shivering — “t-t-too c-c-c-cold,” the complaints flow. Stop complaining and do something about it. Cold and its effects (hypothermia) can be stopped! Furthermore, the effects of cold can be reduced, even eliminated in simple, low-cost ways. STOP EVAPORATION Once you get out of the water, get out of the wind. Get an oversized […]

Bill Would Restrict Access to Dive Sites

The Children’s Pool in La Jolla has been a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving since it was built in the 1930’s. Harbor seals moved to the pool from nearby Seal Rock in the late 90’s. People coexisted peacefully with the seals for several years. This harmony came to an end when animal rights activists made the seals at Children’s Pool a showcase for their cause. In the intervening years, confrontations between Children’s Pool users and the activists escalated to the point of […]

The Rules Apply to Everybody

On a recent trip to Cocos, my computer failed on the fourth dive of the trip (first dive of the second day). As I fired it up in the dive dinghy right before we left the mother ship, the screen lit up and then dimmed, went through its countdown procedure, beeped, showed a low-battery warning—and then went blank. Reactivating it right away, it went through the same procedure and went into normal dive mode. The problem was that it had erased all the residual nitrogen […]

How to Create a Good Relationship with Your Dive Shop (part 1)

When the subject of this editorial first dawned on me, I had an immediate response (and joking) answer: Spend a lot of money. Actually, that’s not it. How you react to a lot of what I’m about to say will depend on what your view of a dive shop is. And realize that there are plenty of “good” shops out there as well as “bad” shops, but you’ll almost always find plenty of people who classify the “bad” shop as “good” and vice-versa. So what […]

How to Develop A Good Relationship with Your Dive Store (Part 2)

Last month, we gave you some common-sense (at least from a store owner’s perspective) ideas on how to develop a good relationship with your local dive shop. This month, we pick up where we left off: SHOW A LITTLE LOYALTY: We know you’re going to shop at other stores. But see if you can make one store your “home” store. I used to have a customer who always was asking for little favors. Could he have the Early Purchase price for a trip even though […]

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