Looking over photos for this publication, I am often sucked right into the pictures. Those animals are out there, waiting for me to play with them. The deep blue, ready for me to be immersed in. The ocean wants me to commune. Countless reefs to explore. A thousand underwater experiences to be had. And it is often what I most need right now.

Editorial, advertising, staffing, taxes, budgets, computers, and more are all parts of a business that needs my attention and takes up my time. But the ocean calls to me. Knowing she is always there in her grace and grandeur is both a curse and blessing. A curse because I always want to be there, and often put off going because I think I can just go some other time. A blessing because she does always wait for me. But there will come a time even if I want to go, I will not be able to.

Driving up and down the coast to conduct business I see the islands offshore, the kelp along the coast, and it calls to me. I know the beauty, fun and peace that lies underneath. But I hurry on to my next appointment. I don’t dive enough but I am not sure what “enough” would be. I think back on some of those times when I was diving day after day, three, four, even five times a day and although I was exhausted it still was not enough. A diving orgy and I was still not satiated. I have fantasized how I could build a massive “aquarium room” in my house or better yet I could live underwater for extended periods of time. I don’t think I could ever get enough.