Lost at Sea – Hype, Fears, Prevention, and Common Sense

Being lost at sea as a diver has once again been thrown into the debate pot regarding diving safety. In late April, on a dive trip to a Southern California oil rig, a diver surfaced far from the charter boat and, unable to return to the boat, could not get the attention of the divemaster with a simple whistle. His absence went unnoticed until reaching the next dive destination. Bottom line: The diver drifted in the open ocean until being picked up by a Boy […]

Winter Diving, Winter Slow-Down

Winter diving in California can be the best. While storms punctuate the season with periods of unapproachable seas, the lulls in between are often pristine with dazzling clear water. That is why I dive year ’round and you should too. But, alas, many of you do not. Often divers and skiers/snowboarders are the same animal. Those same animals often say the water is too cold to go winter diving. Yet they don’t think twice about triple layering to head into a blizzard to shosh the […]

20 Years of CDN

After twenty years our goals have remained relatively unchanged. As you can see from the “letter from the publisher” scanned directly from our original issue, local diving is and always has been paramount to us. Though we have changed our logo, changed the paper, and gone from manual paste-up to all electronic pre-press, what remains the same is reporting on things that are most important to you, the California diver—California diving. We have seen the diving world change in many ways, including the fact we […]

Gauges Divers Need

Divers are prone to exaggeration and underestimation. Divers like to tell sea stories. Gauges are needed to combat this all too common flaw that gives divers not only a lack of credibility, it can sometimes make them a danger to themselves. SIZE GAUGE We are all told in our basic scuba certification class that underwater things look bigger. Divers have taken this as a license to exaggerate. That black sea bass that openwater diver Fred Mouth said he saw was “the size of a Volkswagon.” […]

The Four Stupidest Things I Have Heard Said on a Dive Boat

#1 “Is this good to eat?” A diver comes aboard with some animal from the bottom they think might make good seafood. But they have no idea what it is, what the fish and game regulations are, how to prepare it, or even if it is edible. The only thing worse than this (and only slightly) is intentional illegal destruction of the marine environment. If we are lucky, the animal can be replaced on the bottom unharmed. More often that not, however, it has been […]

Underwater Hunters Need Respect; Education Needed

Pick up any dive magazine and chances are you will not find information promoting the take of game fish by divers. Whether it is for “political correctness” to omit such activity in order to sell more magazines, or maintain a certain criteria for advertisers, underwater hunting has been perceived as an undesired, unspoken activity only for the heartless, and uncivilized, seeking to kill those “cute little critters living underwater.” Unfortunately, we hear all too often about divers seeing a protected giant black sea bass swimming […]

Dysfunctional Buddy Systems

There is no factor in diving more difficult to deal with than the human factor. While most will agree that a buddy is important in diving, many will also agree that the human dive buddy is perhaps the most random element of diving. FOLLOW ME, I AM RIGHT BEHIND YOU Who’s the leader? Does it matter? The follower is sure to disappear, either bolting ahead or engrossing themselves deeply in a kelp thicket so as to become invisible. If you are going to be the […]

Abalone Again Threatened

Ten Years Ago the California diving community was in the forefront of marine management issues when a group of dive community leaders and representatives negotiated with the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), the Fish and Game (F&G) Commission, and the California Legislature. The result of those efforts resulted in the emergency closure of the commercial and recreational harvest of abalone south of San Francisco and the Farallon Islands. This action by the F&G Commission was unprecedented; it was the first time a user group […]

Fond Memories of Beach Dives

Dale and I just had our fourth edition of Southern California’s Best Beach Dives book published. As I sat down and edited the material, I found myself reminiscing about every dive, some multiple times on a particular site. All dived over the past 25 years, then again for the most recent book. Wow, what a wonderful time we’ve had up and down our beautiful coastline. Some divers cringe and wrinkle their noses at the thought of beach diving, yet I have had some of my […]

Diving is a Social Activity

One of my favorite sayings is, “Always dive with a buddy… It is more fun that way!” Diving is, or at least it should be, a social activity. You can try to tell somebody just how really big that Giant Black Sea Bass was, but it is so much better for you to share with fellow divers your mutual feelings of awe to be in the presence of such a beast. Diving experiences are something to be shared with fellow divers.For me the SCUBA Show […]

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