As a diver, I hate when my gear is dangling in the current. Not only can it be unsafe, it doesn’t make for a good picture either. I also hate having a ton of stuff strapped around my wrists. My camera is practically unavoidable, but my dive light can be quite annoying. Well, thank goodness, that the people at Seasoft have come up with a great solution, the Seasoft Flashlight Pocket.

I have always had trouble locating my gear when I’m underwater. I think I have a clip for everything, and sometimes I still can’t find my computer. But that is not the case with the Flashlight pocket. The Seasoft Flashlight Pocket not only retracts back to your body, it fits nicely right back into its own perfectly made pocket that is already attached to your BC cummerbund.

My first time using it, I was diving the wreck of the Yukon and, man, was it handy! I could peak my head into some part of the ship and I knew exactly where I had to reach for more light. Turn it on, check out the bridge or any other part of the ship. Let go and— bam! — it’s right back on my waist waiting for the next opportunity to brighten up my dive.

It’s very light and inconspicuous so you won’t seem like a decorated Christmas tree in those pictures that your buddy is taking of you. A UK SL4 or SL4 LED is mounted inside a flashlight pocket with a stainless steel retractor hidden in the bottom. The Seasoft Flashlight Pocket fits onto virtually any webbing on your BC or anywhere else you would like to carry it.

Already have a flashlight? You can also purchase a Seasoft Flashlight Pocket without any flashlight. The Seasoft Flashlight Pocket holds most small dive lights. No lines or coils hanging off your BC, no lanyard attached to your wrist, just an easy to take out or put back flashlight pocket—a wonderful, low profile way to carry a light.

So on any dive in which you are checking out a crevice for lobster or checking the inside of some (un)explored wreck, the Seasoft Flashlight Pocket is a must.