The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Jumpsuit wetsuit is designed for all types of diving, snorkeling and other water sports. It is designed to offer the best possible fit using premium, four-way-stretch, Titanium neoprene, double glued and blind stitched inside and out for superior warmth and comfort. The Titanium material within the neoprene reflects the heat trapped in the suit back at the user more efficiently and doesn’t allow as much warmth to escape allowing the user’s body to remain warm with less effort. The Super-Stretch neoprene stretches up to 250 percent more than standard neoprene giving the diver a custom-like fit.

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Featuring pre-bent arms and legs for added comfort, and an adjustable Velcro collar to help keep the cold out, this suit can be worn comfortably by multiple people with different body types. Equipped with a long leash to enable one person to easily zip their suit and flexible molded rubber kneepads to provide exceptional grip and durability, this suit is built to last its owner for years to come. The suit is available in 3/2mm, 5mm and 7mm in sizes men’s small through 3XL.
The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Jumpsuit is available at’s retail dive center which can be found minutes from John Wayne Airport at 1752 Langley Ave. in Irvine and online at If you require more information about products and services offered by for scuba or snorkeling, you can reach one of their certified scuba instructors toll free, at 1-800-347-2822 (800-34SCUBA). 
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