The Epoque ES-150 DSα and the ES-230 DS Auto underwater strobes can restore the vivid colors that are lost underwater as the sun’s light is filtered. Compact in their design, but powerful in their lighting ability, this pair of underwater strobes can be used with all digital underwater photographic systems.

To capture all the magnificent colors that exist underwater, you must use a strobe. The Epoque ES-150 DSα strobe is a powerhouse of high performance in the most compact size in its class. The ES-230 DS Auto is a more powerful strobe with advanced features and performance for more challenging underwater subjects. Photographers can control the manual light output of both strobes with the adjustable dial to fine-tune the exposure of the image. Both strobes operate through the use of normal Nikonos type sync cords; with fiber optic cords; or as a wireless slave, and they are compatible with ALL digital underwater camera and housing systems, from simple point and shoot to professional SLR models. The ES-150 DSα can also be used with film camera systems. The ES-150 and ES-230 are primarily master strobes, but are also ideal for complimenting other strobes as a slave for larger, housed SLR systems. For complete information on the versatility of the Epoque strobes, visit the Epoque web site at