Force Fins has added new “wings” accessories for several models of its popular fins, the Diamond Clear Whiskers and Sharks’ Teeth. With a hardness rating of Durometer 78, shore hardness D, the Diamond Clear material feels as rigid as steel yet the material is 95 percent clear. Additional new crystal colors include Clear (Diamond Clear), Amber Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Smoke Black, Emerald Green, Ruby Red and Amethyst Purple.

Force Wings allow you to take control and optimize the 
way you want the water to work for you. Whiskers are designed to give you control of the volume and speed of the water that passes over your fins. For maximum thrust, adjust Whiskers inward to channel the water from around your body and over the surface of the blade. Water accelerates as it travels between the Whiskers into a focused jet stream to propel you forward. For easy kicking over long distances, set Whiskers parallel to one another. This limits the spread of rapidly moving water. Water is guided directly behind you, the blade is stabilized, and efficiency is increased.

Sharks’ Teeth are used to cut through the water and channel it in the opposite direction of travel before it meets the fin blade. Sharks’ Teeth rely on the natural cohesiveness of water to retain focus after it passes between these relatively small Force Wings. This improves thrust, lowers drag and softens the downward kick. Sharks’ Teeth stabilize, and eliminate twisting of the fin blade, great for tracking in a wave or heavy surge.

Not only does the new material for these Force Fin Wings accessories function well, they also look good with their new crystal colors.

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