Suunto, a global market leader in dive computers (distributed in the USA by Aqua Lung), has introduced the new Suunto Cobra3 and Suunto Vyper Air dive computers. Built on the heritage and tested solutions of their predecessors, Suunto Cobra2 and Suunto Vyper2, Suunto has developed each computer to better meet the needs of dive enthusiasts.

The Suunto Cobra3 and Suunto Vyper Air feature Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes, as well as gas switching capabilities. They also use the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) algorithm that features continuous decompression for optimal ascent time.

Like its predecessor, the Suunto Cobra3 is a full-featured decompression dive computer console with air integration capabilities. It has the ability to monitor and display air pressure, track the rate of air consumption and continuously calculate the remaining air time. The Suunto Cobra3 builds on the proven features of the Suunto Cobra2 with its all-new electronic 3D compass and easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation. The electronic 3D compass offers divers the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees in any direction without impairing the ability to read figures clearly and accurately. The Suunto Cobra3 is designed for easy mobility and use while underwater. Lightweight, easy to carry and featuring audible and visual alarms for added safety, it is engineered to give divers the essential information they need for a successful dive. Additional functions include 42-hour logbook and profile memory, optional USB-compatible PC interface, and extended decompression range.

Staying true to the heritage of its forerunner, the Suunto Vyper Air includes Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes with the ability to switch gasses during a dive.

Building on the air integration technology of Vytec DS and D9, the Suunto Vyper Air features optional wireless air integration and a technologically advanced electronic 3D compass that tilts up to 45 degrees in any direction. With the new wireless air integration option, the Suunto Vyper Air allows divers to monitor tank pressure and air consumption conveniently from their wrist.

In Nitrox mode, divers have the choice of using two different gas mixes, which are preset before the dive. Divers can choose from 21-100% oxygen content, and have the ability to change the partial pressure of oxygen for each mix between 0.5 and 1.6 in 0.1% increments. During the dive, divers can then switch to the second gas if they are within the maximum operating depth.

Designed for comfort, the Suunto Vyper Air can be worn as a wrist unit with a protective boot, or mounted on a two-gauge console – for easy access to diving data while underwater. The Vyper Air features large digits and a Matrix display that clearly shows critical dive information including dive profile graphs.

The Suunto Vyper Air also boasts a built-in dive simulator, allowing divers to test potential dives before dropping into the water. After the dive, you can download the data to your PC and easily maintain a detailed logbook.

Additional features include multi-step ascent rate indicator, automatic safety stop countdown and optional USB-compatible PC interface.

The Suunto Cobra3 and Suunto Vyper Air dive computers will be available February 1, 2009 at authorized Aqua Lung dealers across the country. For specific stores carrying Suunto and Aqua Lung products, log onto or call (760) 597-5000.