The (Pink) Sky’s the Limit: Divers Ramp Up the Effort to Fund Breast Cancer Research

Story and photos by Allison Vitsky Sallmon   I wrote an article that ran in the April 2016 issue of California Diving News titled, “Going Pink in the Deep Blue: Scuba Divers Unite to Fund Breast Cancer Research,” about my experience with breast cancer and the steps I was taking towards starting a unique nonprofit organization. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 33. A bunch of treatments and 12 years later, I decided to find a way to fight this terrible disease […]

Catalina Island’s 36th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup – 2/25

Catalina Harbor

Catalina Conservation Divers is hosting Catalina Island’s 36th Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup. One of the largest annual dive events in Southern California, the cleanup takes place Saturday, February 25, 2017. This event is the only time diving is permitted in the Harbor. Southern California divers have made the Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup one of the premier social events of the year. Divers retrieve trash and lost items from Avalon Harbor, and revel in the warm friendly atmosphere of Catalina Island. Last year, approximately 343 participants […]

San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Oct. 9-10

October 9th and 10th mark the upcoming 16th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX). The two-night event will feature around 30 of the best underwater short films submitted this year, and will be emceed by renowned underwater imager and author Marty Snyderman. Short film entries from many well-known underwater imagers such as Bob Cranston, Eric Hanauer, Simon Spear and many others will grace this year’s exciting line-up. The history of SDUFEX reflects in many ways the history of the digital video revolution. In 2000 […]

Diving Events for September 2015

SEPTEMBER 12 LA COUNTY ROCKS,  RIPS AND REEFS AT CARILLO A program conducted by the LA County Scuba Instructors, the 3Rs (Rocks, Rips and Reefs) is a series of free sessions designed to orient divers to site-specific shore-based diving conditions. The season’s final 3Rs program takes place September 12 at Leo Carillo State Park. Registration begins at 7:30 am and the seminar portion starts promptly at 8 am. An in-water demonstration and practice session conducted by certified LA County scuba instructors is included, weather-permitting. Participants must […]

CA Marine Protected Areas Poster Now Available

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has completed a interpretive poster for the California Marine Protected Area (MPA) network. The 26- x 36-inch full-color poster provides an informal introduction to the network, and features satellite imagery as well as photos of marine animals and habitats protected within MPAs. The poster is designed to give the public a first introduction to the California MPA network, and is not meant for navigational or regulatory use. Passed by the California State Legislature in 1999, the Marine Life […]

Why Go There? What to Expect from the Scuba Show

You’ve heard the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” right? I’m not sure how to correctly describe a gathering of scuba divers — a school? A herd? A pack? For the purposes of this article, we’ll call them a show of scuba divers. As in, the Scuba Show. Why?  Well, the word “show” fits in this instance, because at the Scuba Show there is a lot to see. It includes every scuba divery-thing you can imagine — and some you haven’t even imagined […]

A Diver’s Guide to Charitable Giving

A New Year is here, and with it good intentions to do more to help support the causes that matter to divers. But do you know where your donated dollars are going, and how hard are they working for the cause? Nowadays, appeals and requests arrive year-round, with the pace picking up during the holiday season and year-end. Even checking out at the store involves deciding on the spot if you wish to donate to this or that cause by adding an amount above the […]

The Everyday Diver: Living the Diving Life, Year-Round

In the language of the automobile collector, there’s a term called the “everyday driver.” It’s the nice-ish car that you drive to the grocery store or on your daily commute. Then there’s the “other” car — the expensive classic that sits idle for months at a time and only gets taken out on short excursions when the weather is perfect.  Some divers fall into the category of “other.” They only venture out into the ocean on bright sunny days when the seas are flat and […]

The Thrill of the Hunt: A Diver’s Guide to Lobster

Who says we don’t have seasons in California? We most certainly do! There is lobster season and everything else. We’ll keep this simple: California spiny lobsters (“bugs”) are very tasty. They’re also hard to find at local seafood specialty stores and restaurants — and are often outrageously expensive when you can find them. Finally, they are a lot of fun to catch while diving! If you have not already done so, perhaps it is time for you to try lobster hunting. Is it easy? Well, […]

Own Unique California Underwater Art

This year’s Scuba Show featured a lot of artistic talent from our attendees who helped assemble the collaborative painting featured on this month’s cover. The underwater California reef scene was divided into 414 small square chips that guest artists reproduced onto larger tile “canvases.” They used paint, glitter, crayons, pastels and pencil. The completed tiles were placed together with stunning results — a magazine cover image and an original work of art that is now available to the highest bidder, to benefit a nonprofit. Proceeds […]

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