Dive Boat: Spectre

For more than 26 years the dive boat Spectre has consistently offered excellent service to the divers of Southern California. Their loyal following of customers provides irrefutable evidence regarding their longstanding commitment to excellence.  The Spectre hails from Ventura Harbor Village dock and caters to divers on trips to Anacapa Island and the east end of Santa Cruz Island in the Northern Channel Islands. These destinations are stunning both above and below the water, and are part of the Channel Islands National Park. Almost all […]

Seen Any Basking Sharks? Contact NOAA

Basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) are one of the largest fish in the sea, second only to whale sharks. They can reach a maximum size of 45 feet, and are distinguished from whale sharks by their pointy snouts, dark grey to brown color, and gill slits that nearly encircle their head. Like whale sharks, as well as all the largest rays and cetaceans, basking sharks are filter feeders foraging near the base of the food-web on krill and other zooplankton. Consequently, they have no interest in […]

Dive Boat Review: Raptor

We are a society that seems to be always seeking immediate gratification. Unfortunately, diving usually does not offer that, but with the operation of the dive charter boat Raptor it comes pretty close. Based in Ventura, the easternmost portion of the Channel Islands are just a short distance away for the Raptor. With the Raptor’s speed, sections of Anacapa Island are a mere 40 minutes away, barely enough time for your coffee to get cold, get your gear set up, and your exposure suit on. […]

SCUBA Show 2010 Preview

May 15th and 16th mark the return of the SCUBA Show, America’s largest consumer dive expo, to the Long Beach Convention Center. This event features over 200 different exhibitors in 76,000 square feet, where you can find new and revolutionary dive gear, travel specials, and get face time with dive experts in almost every field.Notable items for this year include:* Wyland Paints with Kids* Special Guest Speaker Stan Waterman* $38,000 in Door Prizes* Over 60 Scuba Manufacturers* Over 100 Scuba Travel LocationsEXHIBITSThe SCUBA Show features […]

Dive Boat Review: Sundiver Express

“I feel the need for speed!” is the line in the hit movie Top Gun. And sometimes I feel that way on my dive trips. As much as I love the ocean I would rather spend more time IN it than ON it. Sundiver Express provides divers with just that opportunity. This dive charter boat was built for speed and it delivers. Travel time from its home port in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach to Catalina Island is only about 75 minutes. With this you […]

Dive Boat Review: Peace

I have dived the Peace a great deal over the past couple of decades and have gained a lot of fun memories. To this day she remains one of my favorite boats. she is a comfortable boat that is easy to dive, the crew has always been fantastic, And then there is the great HOT TUB! Most of the world’s luxury live-aboard dive boats now have hot tubs. But where did they get that idea? To the best of my recollection the Peace was the […]

Dive Boat Review: Sand Dollar

The quality of a California dive charter boat operation usually falls on just one individual–the owner and skipper. In the case of Captain George Staehling of the Sand Dollar he has succeeded wonderfully. On the completion of a recent multi-day trip on the Sand Dollar, I watched as divers left the boat and each had a smile, and I felt one on my face as well. I wished the trip had gone longer. The main thing that made this trip special is Captain George knew […]

Dive Boat Review: Spectre

Anacapa Island in the northern chain of the Channel Islands is the favorite of many Southern California divers. Anacapa is the closest to shore of all the Channel Islands (a mere 11 miles from the Ventura County coastline at its closest point) and it is the second smallest of the Channel Islands (actually just three islets). It is one of the original islands in the Channel Islands National Park (declared Channel Islands National Monument in 1938) and is now the most heavily visited. In spite […]

SCUBA Show Preview

Whether you are planning a dive trip, your next dive gear purchase or consulting with scuba experts, there is no better place to do it than at THE Diving Event of the Year!™, SCUBA Show 2009. The size of the exhibit hall at 76,000 square feet makes this the largest consumer dive expo in America. Be at the 22nd annual SCUBA Show, May 30-31 (the weekend AFTER Memorial Day) at the Long Beach Convention Center. EXHIBITSHeart of the SCUBA Show is its massive exhibit hall. […]

Yukon Update: 9 Months Down and Growing!

It has now been around nine months since the 366-foot long Canadian destroyer Yukon quietly slipped beneath the surface in the dark of night off San Diego. After nine months, life has arisen from this event into a new birth. If you have not dived the Yukon lately, you are in for a pleasant surprise! The ocean as already begun to adorn and decorate her, even sooner than some had expected. First a bit of history: The Yukon was always intended for the sea floor […]

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