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Indo-Pacific Nudibrachs and Sea Slugs

The new field guide Indo-Pacific Nudibrachs and Sea Slugs is the most comprehensive guide to the Indo-Pacific nudibranchs and sea slugs covering from South Africa to Easter Island and from Southern Japan to northern Australia. This new book provides the most up-to-date identification of species, based on the collective experience of the three authors who have been working professionally for many years on Indo-Pacific nudibranchs and sea slugs. This is an ideal guide for occasional recreational divers, as well as experienced underwater photographers interested in […]

The Northwest Dive Guide

Are you a seasoned diver ready to explore different types of cold water diving? Would you like to find out more about local training tips, gear tips, and the best dive destinations in the Pacific Northwest? Then The Northwest Dive Guide by PADI Master Instructor Mike Hughes is a must-have book. Mike covers issues ranging from how to find a dive buddy to advanced information on ice diving in Oregon to wreck diving in British Columbia. Mike describes the local boat charters and dive resorts, […]

151 Dives in the Protected Waters of Washington State and British Columbia

The long-awaited, fully expanded and updated successor to the Pacific Northwest’s diving bible – 141 Dives in the Protected Waters of Washington State and British Columbia – is now available from the Mountaineers Books. 151 Dives in the Protected Waters of Washington State and British Columbia presents essential information on the very best dives in the area. The inland sea of the Pacific Northwest is a diver’s paradise. Because so much of the coastline is protected from surf, the Northwest is one of the safest […]

To The Very Depths: A Memoir of Professor Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D.,D.Sc

This is the extraordinary story of Dr. Peter Bennett’s career and private life. Dr. Bennett is the founder of Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) and currently the executive director of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).  In a first-hand perspective, he tells his story vividly and pulls no punches in describing the events and the people involved with him during his career. In To The Very Depths you will get a sense of Dr. Bennett’s remarkable confidence that exists in conjunction with his inspiring level […]

Diving Physics with Bubble Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth

Diving Physics with Bubble Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth focuses on physics and associated mathematical relationships to diving. Basic principles are first presented, and then practical applications and results are detailed. This book covers basic physics, gas laws, mixed gases and decompression, deep stops, decompression strategies and theory, recreational and technical RGBM Air & Nitrox Tables, computing and decompression algorithyms, operational diving and much more… It is directed toward the diver and reader with a basic understanding of decompression. The targeted audience is the […]

Oceanic Wilderness

The book is Oceanic Wilderness, but it might just as fittingly have been titled Pictures From Paradise, for that is exactly what it presents in such splendid profusion. Roger Steene is an accomplished diver and underwater photographer who has traveled the globe using his skill and artistry to capture images of the splendid creatures that live beneath the sea. The world displayed in Oceanic Wilderness is as strange, alien and surpassingly wonderful as any that might someday be found in the reaches of space. The […]

Naval Forces Under the Sea: The Rest of the Story

The intent of the book Naval Forces Under the Sea: The Rest of the Story is to record the of the U.S. Navy’s undersea story that were left untold, and to give details of the whole story to include how man, through the U.S. Navy, challenged the oceans’ depths—how they sometimes lost and how they sometimes won. The Navy has incorporated as many key figures as possible and assures readers their mission is to thoroughly convey the “rest of the story” of U.S. Naval undersea […]

Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau DVD

Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau is the latest DVD video from Hammerhead Video. The program takes you on a tropical adventure to dive the wrecks of Chuuk and the reefs of Palau. These are two of the most exciting dive destinations in the world. In Chuuk Lagoon you’ll see ships, planes, tanks, torpedoes, gas masks, and more. Dive sites shown on this disk in Chuuk include the Fujikawa Maru, Sankisan Maru, Heian Maru, Pizion Reef, Hoyo Maru, Hoki Maru, […]

Nintendo Releases Scuba Diving Game for the Wii

Endless Ocean is unlike any other Wii game. In fact, it’s more of an experience than a game. Players explore at their own pace as they dive in exotic locales and witness the majesty of the sea from the comfort of their own living rooms. From beautiful tide pools to the wrecks of World War II bombers, there is always something new around the bend. Here are some of the things players can do during their time in the sea: Dive into a massive ocean […]

Island of the Great White Shark

A precarious population of great white sharks and the ongoing scientific research intended to secure their survival is the subject of Island of the Great White Shark, a just completed documentary film by RTSea Productions. The production is the culmination of a three-year effort by filmmaker Richard Theiss to provide the first comprehensive look at the great white sharks found at the remote Mexican island of Isla Guadalupe, Baja. The film explores many of the issues surrounding these highly misunderstood animals, the efforts of dedicated […]

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