Endless Ocean is unlike any other Wii game. In fact, it’s more of an experience than a game. Players explore at their own pace as they dive in exotic locales and witness the majesty of the sea from the comfort of their own living rooms. From beautiful tide pools to the wrecks of World War II bombers, there is always something new around the bend.

Here are some of the things players can do during their time in the sea: Dive into a massive ocean and explore it, however they wish. Find, catalogue and collect more than 50 unique ocean treasures, from sunken gold bullion to ancient stone artifacts. Interact with and learn about more than 230 different animal species, then unlock information in a marine biology encyclopedia. Take tourists on guided tours and earn new gear for successful trips. Players can also go online and meet friends and family for an underwater sightseeing tour.

Dive. Discover. Dream. For more information, visit www.endlessocean.com or pick up a copy at your local video game retailer.

California Diving News