In a fully lit room while silent, using just your finger, try pointing out an object about the size of quarter to your friend from across the room. See if they can spot it. Now try doing the same with an ordinary compact dive light. Easier, yes, but still difficult, especially if that small object thing worthy of your attention is moving. Underwater it becomes even more difficult. It is in this kind of situation that I discovered the outstanding value of the powerful Aquatec Aquastar 3 LED Torch.

At first I used this light like any other compact dive light as a backup light for night dives and peering under crevices in daylight dives. It is during the daylight dives that I first noticed its exceptional concentrated powerful beam. Passing the light off to my buddy, I discovered this dive light’s true versatility and usefulness. In addition to acting as an underwater model, Kim also acts as spotter for interesting and potentially photogenic macro subjects and small fascinating reef fish. In the past we have used an ordinary compact dive light or just the old finger but to only so-so results. On a recent dive trip this dive light became very useful in these circumstances. Kim was able to point out a large variety of shy marine life simply by using this light.

To start, this light uses a super-bright LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source. An LED gives a light quality that penetrates the water further with light truer to actual daylight. LEDs are also much more durable than ordinary bulbs. This light can be dropped without damaging the light source. It is also quite compact. This LED bulb has a life 30 times longer than similar power normal bulbs. They will last over 10,000 hours! Burn time of the Aquastar with six AAA alkaline batteries (included) is an exceptional eight hours. This is a powerful three-watt light, making it one of the most powerful lights of its kind on the market. Light from this dive light is effectively concentrated into a very useful beam.

Hold this light in your hand and you can tell it is rock-solid. Machined of aluminum military style, it is an object of beauty that is practically indestructible. Three dozen dives later, used on nearly every dive, it still carries a beautiful luster of anodized aluminum in the combo of champagne and blue. There are a few other dive lights of similar construction but none of this beauty. Considering the Aquastar is a light of this machined quality, it is also an excellent value.

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