California Ships to Reefs has announced that acclaimed artist Wyland will create a unique and historic work on steel cut from the hull of the HMCS Yukon artificial reef.
The work will honor the tenth anniversary of the sinking of the Yukon in San Diego, a ship which is today a rich new ocean environment and popular diving and recreational site. The Wyland piece, which is a steel dolphin taken from the Yukon hull, will be auctioned as a joint fundraiser for the Wyland Foundation, California Ships to Reefs (CSTR) and the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
Marine life artist Wyland is one of America’s most important creative influences and a leading advocate for ocean life conservation
“We believe the Wyland painting on the Yukon steel dolphin is destined to become an icon of the Ships to Reefs movement,” said Joel Geldin, CSTR Chairman and CEO. “California Ships to Reefs is proud to be working with Wyland and the Wyland Foundation.”
The 11-foot steel dolphin, weighing over 250 pounds, is one of two cut out of the Yukon hull by Milt Beard. It was purchased at auction during the Yukon’s sinking events by Dolphin Scuba Sacramento and recently donated back to CSTR for the Yukon’s 10th Anniversary. Wyland will paint the dolphin with an original work of his own design. Wyland’s finished work will be unveiled at the Maritime Museum of San Diego on July 14 as part of the festivities for the tenth anniversary Yukon celebration.
“This is an unusual opportunity for a collector to own a work from one of America’s finest artists which is also a piece of historic significance,” said Geldin. “Hundreds of volunteers and over a year of work went into sinking the Yukon. The Yukon project created California’s model artificial reef program. After the Maritime Museum displays the dolphin, a fortunate collector will own this valuable piece and benefit three important ocean conservation organizations.
The Yukon sinking celebration will be an exciting two-day event on July 14-15. It will include seminars, panel discussions, an underwater press conference, a cocktail party, raffle and other events. For details visit the CSTR website at
California Ships to Reefs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation seeking to reef surplus ships as artificial reefs, bringing diving and fishing tourism to local ports in California and enhancing the ocean environment.
The Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events. For more information, visit
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