A date has been set for sinking the first underwater park attraction off Baja California. April 25 is the date planned to sink Uribe 121, an old Mexican Navy battleship in The Rosarito Underwater Park, or Parque Sumarino Rosarito.

The area in northwest Mexico is about 40 miles from San Diego. The decommissioned Uribe-class patrol boat, Uribe 121, has been donated by the Mexican Navy and is being cleaned to protect the environment and modified for diver safety. Other ships and sculptures will be added to the underwater park later. 
The plans are the brainchild of Francisco Ussel, an engineer who hopes to build dive tourism in the region, provide habitat for marine life to reproduce and establish an area for scientists to study, with involvement from the Ensenada Scientific Research and Higher Education Center. 
The announcement of the underwater park coincides with the creation of the Baja California Artificial Reefs Association, the agency assigned to maintain and create artificial reefs in the Mexican state. 
For more information, go to rosaritounderwaterpark.com.