Ultralight Control Systems latest products are for the wildly popular GoPro cameras. Ultralight manufacturers a single tray and a double tray for the regular camera, in addition to a double tray for the 3D housing. The handles on the trays allow you to then add a clamp and a video light.

Ultralight also manufactures cages for the housings. These cages allow you to mount the GoPro with a cage around it keeping you from having to use the tabs at the bottom of the housing that can so easily break off in extreme conditions. This would include pole cams to photograph sharks or crocodiles, mounting on a jet ski or boat with lots of vibration that put the tabs at risk.
If you are looking for a way to steady your GoPro, add a video light to it, protect it in extreme conditions or need a flat port for underwater shots, visit www.ulcs.com online or call (805) 484-3334.