Just read the article, “So you want to be an underwater hunter?” in the November issue of California Diving News. Good article with some good suggestions for the would-be hunter. This would include me.

I have gone spearfishing three times: 1) Front side of Catalina 08–Limited on sheephead; 2) Ship Rock 09–3 calicos, 1 sheephead; 3) Refugio 09–4 perch.

My limited observation has been that being a sea hunter in today’s eco sensitive world is viewed by many like being a cannibal at a vegetarian retreat.

Glares at the sight of your speargun, comments like one I recently received after bragging to my buddy about my catch, “That’s like shooting the family dog, isn’t it!” But man, I like spearfishing! I like bringing fish home for the family!

I will confess that I have been taken back by the lack of fish in many of the places we have dived. And I have seen over the years a drastic decline in the catch that is taken off sport fishing boats, both in size and numbers. And this does concern me.

This article made me think about what and where I should allow myself to hunt.

I think I may limit my hunting to areas that are off the beaten path off most dive charters, i.e., the front side of anywhere.

These places I think I will be reserved for capturing photos of the wonders of the deep.

Thanks CDN
John Cameron