Shark ID Questioned: The Response from the Photographer

 Hi,   I haven’t yet seen the CaliforniaDiving News with my photo of what I believed to be a soupfin shark, but I’mtold the identity is up for debate. Here are some other photos to continue yourcomparison, and I also posted a video clip to get another look.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpYzirYqk7c.   To me, the eye was too small and the caudal fin was all wrong for itto be a mako.   On the other hand, she was rather beefy and definitely had someteeth on her.   I’ll […]

What Do you Do with A Short Halibut?

A friend and I were scuba diving near San Diego.  He was spearfishing and I was just sightseeing.  He shot a halibut that looked pretty good-sized to me.  When we swam back to our boat, he measured the fish and found that it was a half-inch short.  He threw the dead fish overboard, and we returned to shore empty-handed.  It seemed like such a waste to me.  The only winners that day were the scavengers on the bottom.  I don’t know what could be done […]

Disagrees with Editorial on Harbor Seals at Children’s Pool Dive Site

In an article dated March 29th, the secretary of the San Diego Council of Divers wrote about how a major dive site can be lost to divers and the public. I honestly have to disagree with the author as access to the mentioned reef is certainly available. Simply because the reef is currently not accessible via the beach at the Children’s Pool in no way prohibits divers from this area. Divers can and do enter from South Casa beach in order to dive the aforementioned […]

How Do You Confront a Poacher?

CDN: On a recent dive I confronted a diver from our boat that was removing lobsters from a trap. However, it later occurred to me that it might be difficult to prosecute such an offense via the DFG for the following reasons:– Reliably identifying a diver underwater, with dive gear obscuring many facial features,– Proof! How to prove that the lobsters in the possession of the diver were in fact taken from a lobster trap and further,– What if the diver releases the lobster before […]

Angel Editorial Responses

Cdn: As a dive store employee, avid photographer and former hunter, your recent article “One Less Angel. Who Cares?” struck me as I have experienced a similar event with a cabezon.  Although not as majestic as an angel shark, I had the pleasure of spending some time photographing a very cooperative subject only to see it dead on the boat after the dive.  Although there exists the possibility it was another cabezon, I was sickened that most likely the fish I interacted with was now […]

Underwater Hunter 2

Dale, As I do every month for the past 20 plus years, I read my copy of CDN from cover to cover. I especially enjoy your editorials and might not always agree, but heck, us old dinosaur divers got to stick together. I must say that I was a little perplexed with your recent editorial on underwater hunting and the lack of any discussion on free diving for abalone. Okay, you did have one small mention of this at the end of the editorial; however, […]

Point Lobos Fees Go Sky High

Point Lobos Fees Go Sky High The fee to dive Point Lobos is now $10 per diver no matter if you make reservations or not. That does not include the entry fee of $10 per car. All boats launched at Point Lobos will be $5 per boat. To do a standard dive at Point lobos without a boat is $30 if two people arrive in the same vehicle to dive. Tank fills are $10 for air per tank. So that’s $70 for two people to […]

Thoughts From An Underwater Hunter

CDN: Just read the article, “So you want to be an underwater hunter?” in the November issue of California Diving News. Good article with some good suggestions for the would-be hunter. This would include me. I have gone spearfishing three times: 1) Front side of Catalina 08–Limited on sheephead; 2) Ship Rock 09–3 calicos, 1 sheephead; 3) Refugio 09–4 perch. My limited observation has been that being a sea hunter in today’s eco sensitive world is viewed by many like being a cannibal at a […]

Buddy Editorial Right On

Hello Dale, You hit the nail on the head with your August publisher’s message on the buddy system. Buddy separation is a common contributing factor in Divers Alert Network accident reports, but they don’t address a common shortcoming of buddying up. That is that victims often rely too much on their buddies. Each buddy must be self-reliant enough to fend for him/herself as well as the buddy. A strong/weak team is OK, so long as the weak member is the one that has a problem […]

How Big Should A Rock Scallop Knife Be?

I’m reading Dale Sheckler’s article (online) “Hunting Rock Scallops” and would like to know what knife blade length in inches is ideal for this. The article says the knife should be long. How many inches does he recommend? Thanks.Alex Fuhrer Alex,This depends on how you intend on harvesting the scallop. If you are going to cut the meat out rather than removing the scallop whole, a long thin sharp blade is best, but don’t pry with this blade as it will ruin it. If you […]

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