Karl Fredricks letter to the editor in the June 2008 Issue illustrates the largest problem facing true conservation of our oceans resources today, which is a lack of thought and attention to detail, concerning our environmental problems. Although I completely agree with Karl’s statement that fish are disappearing from our oceans at an alarming rate, it is ludicrous to attribute this to some divers spearfishing. The amount of sea life harvested by divers with spears is completely insignificant when compared to the issues of habitat destruction, pollution, commercial fisherman over harvesting the resource, etc. Although we may “feel good” attacking a small group of people who enjoy an activity we may dislike, defeating them and making spearfishing illegal will have no measurable effect on our fisheries. This is a waste of our resources. Meanwhile, the significant causes or our sea life disappearing are ignored and we all lose!

John Domin
via email