Pelaj announces that its Railgun range is now available worldwide. Comprising four models, Pelaj has a rail gun to suit every fish —from a mullet to a marlin.

Made in Australia, the Pelaj Railgun range features numerous innovations including: reinforced Rhino speed barrels allowing use of stronger multiple rubbers resulting in more powerful, accurate shots; double clip in muzzles aligning both rubbers perfectly parallel to spear travel providing optimum energy transfer; triple rubber clip in power band muzzles — first on a production railgun; exceptional interchangeability, so every component can be (dis)assembled using basic tools.

Pelaj Railguns have been built to harvest large powerful fish and are designed to last a lifetime, a fact reflected in the “Keep It Super Simple” Lifetime warranty available.

In 2007, Pelaj Railguns were short listed in the 2007 Australian Design Awards. Pelaj is hoping to capitalize on the exponential growth in spearfishing, particularly bluewater spearfishing around the world. “Initial sales have been very strong and have greatly exceeded expectations,” reports Matt Jones, Pelaj brand manager. “In the first three months since our November 2007 launch, we sold over 2000 Pelaj guns and are well on track to sell over 10,000 guns in 2008.”

Pelaj is an Australian brand of quality innovative spearfishing products. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Pelaj manufactures and exports worldwide.

For more information, visit or call + 61(0)3 9314 2048.