Peace dive boat has announced that its new online reservation system is up and running. Now you may at any hour of the day go to to view the space available for all open boat and freediving trips and sign up.

Booking online with the Peace dive boat’s new online reservation system is easy and user friendly. Just enter a couple of fields of information and agree to the terms and conditions and enter your credit card information and you are signed up and ready to go diving. You can create an account so that future sign ups will be even easier.

On the website you may also rent scuba equipment, buy Peace apparel and dive accessories, all that can be delivered to the Peace dive boat for your trip.

The website also features an “Instant Message” technology, so that if you have any questions, a Peace crewmember will be available to chat with you. They are normally available daily during business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The online reservation system is only for Peace open boats and freediving trips, but the Peace boat calendar is still available and there is a link to it from Each trip lists the contact phone number and link to the charter groups’ website for more information and so that you can sign up.

Check out the new Peace dive boat online reservation system at