There is nothing quite as pleasing to a consumer as a product that delivers more than what is promised. I recently acquired a SLX Auto Focus Assist Light (for Photos) from Nocturnal Lights. As its name states, its primary intention is a light to help auto-focus cameras “lock on” for crisp, clean, sharp photos. But I found the light to be also a great general dive light as well.

The SLX uses the new technology of LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs produce a remarkable amount of light for their size. The SLX incorporate 3 LED “bulbs” that produce a smooth beam. LED lights are very durable. Couple this with the machined aluminum housing and you have a light that is nearly bomb-proof.

This is an excellent auto focus assist light for underwater photographers. In spite of its aluminum housing, it is lightweight (comparable to most plastic lights). It uses six AA batteries powering the light for more than 4 hours.

With the defuser the quality of the light is excellent. The beam is even and wide with no hot-spots that might distort a camera’s metering or auto-focus system. At 5500k color temperature, the light is also very clean and non-distracting in the taking of the photo. It does not detract from your images, especially macro-photo, which is just what you want it to do. Any modeling light will make taking photos easier—this light makes it pure joy.

Furthermore, the light is easy to mount. It comes with a removable 1″ ball joint adapter (industry standard), and a handle with a 6mm and 8mm mounting hole for custom mounts.

Here is where the “extra” part kicks in—simply remove the light diffuser and the ball joint adapter and you’ll have an excellent compact dive light. It is comparable in power to any other LED dive light but the coupling of smaller batteries and a thinner (but stronger) aluminum housing makes it more compact, less than 3″ diameter.

For more information on the Nocturnal Lights SLX LED Light or any of their other full light of dive lights, visit on the web.