Kelpfest will be held on Saturday April 16, 2011 on Main Beach in Laguna Beach from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. The Festival was started in 2010 with an aim to “Celebrate Giant Kelp and culture an appreciation for this important ecosystem in the community.” Students from all over Orange County who are involved in the Orange County Ocean Restoration Project put on the event. For the last nine years, students have been growing the kelp in their classrooms to restore it along the coast. This year, the students are learning to grow green abalone and white sea bass to release into the newly restored kelp beds.

This year, they will be putting together the “Great Dive In” to encourage people to put their face in the water and look around. Participants are asked to show up at noon on the April 16th in wetsuit with mask, snorkel and fins and then snorkel out to the kelp just offshore (conditions permitting).
If you would like to be involved in Kelpfest, please contact Nancy Caruso 714-206-5147 or
The Orange County Ocean Restoration Project and Kelpfest are programs of Get Inspired! For more information visit