Lobster Molting Footage Desired

As always, I enjoy the Sheckler and Team publication.  Thanks, and keep ’em coming.

For some time, I’ve had this burning desire to see a lobster go through the molting process.  I have to believe it would be fascinating to see a critter crawl out of its own shell—antennae, legs, and all!  So far, I’ve not found a video or still footage, so I’m an unfulfilled guy.

California Diving News

Reading Bonnie Cardone’s recent article in CDN set me to thinking that maybe some of the experts out there in CDN-land might have an angle on this.  I’m sure someone has studied the molting process.  Maybe I just haven’t found the right lobster singles site on the web.

In any case, would appreciate any pointers you could offer.
Thanks again for CDN.  See you down under.
Jerry Pancake

How about it readers in “CDN-land.” Anybody got footage of a lobster molting? Email us at

California Diving News