The Honorable McKeeva Bush, OBE, Minister for Financial Services, Tourism & Development in the Cayman Islands, and the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Board of Directors are proud to announce the latest inductees into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Maintaining its prominent reputation for world-class diving, the Cayman Islands will host the 2010 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary induction ceremony to honor four extraordinary individuals who have each played an important role in shaping the recreational diving industry. During the weekend of January 29, 2010, dive fans will travel from far and wide to take advantage of the many festivities, including an Underwater Film Festival and the chance to spend some time underwater with Scuba Hall of Famers.

The inductees for 2010 are:

Dr. Eugenie Clark, a world-renowned ichthyologist and authority on sharks, is known popularly as the “Shark Lady.” Although she is now retired from teaching at the University of Maryland, she still holds the title of Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emerita. Dr. Clark is the recipient of the 1993 DEMA Reaching Out Award, three honorary D.Sc. degrees and awards from the National Geographic Society, the Explorers Club, the Underwater Society of America, the Society of Women Geographers and the University of Maryland.

Wyland is a true friend to the diving industry and has earned distinction as one of America’s most unique creative influences and a leading advocate for marine resource conservation. An accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer and scuba diver, he has traveled to the farthest reaches of the globe capturing the raw power and beauty of the undersea universe. His non-profit Wyland Foundation has supported numerous conservation programs since 1993 and his efforts have been recognized by the United Nations, the Sierra Club and the Underwater Academy of Arts and Sciences. In celebration of its 200th Anniversary, Wyland created a work of art for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), paying homage to their contributions to our ocean and atmosphere. The original oil painting is considered one of the most significant works of his career. In 2008, Wyland created his 100th Whaling Wall in Beijing, China in celebration of the Summer Olympics — a goal he reached three years before his initial target year of 2011.

Nick Icorn, a diving pioneer called the “Keeper of the Flame” for preserving diving’s illustrious history through his collection of representative samples of diving gear, holds Instructor certifications from YMCA, NAUI, SSI and NASDS. In 1969, Nick became the first Executive Director of PADI and helped PADI grow through developing programs and standards. A member of the NAUI Hall of Honor, Nick has written over 100 articles and several training manuals on all aspects of diving equipment and training. Nick Icorn was a recipient of the DEMA Reaching Out Award in 2005.  He is also recognized as a leader in commercial and technical diving.

Francis Toribiong not only started the first dive operation– “Fish ‘n Fins”– in Palau, he also discovered the Blue Corner, one of the most famous dive sites in the world, known for the formation of the reef, sheer walls and the large number of schooling fish. Along with Klaus Lindemann, Francis rediscovered over 30 Japanese WWII wrecks and in the 1980s, supported scientist Bill Hamner in the research of the Jellyfish Lake and other marine lakes in Palau. In 1996, Francis became the star of the Academy Award nominated IMAX documentary film, “The Living Sea”, which focuses on the incredible wonders in the living sea of Palau.

The International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF) recognizes international and local Cayman Islands pioneers for their contributions to the recreational scuba diving industry in a yearly ceremony held in the Cayman Islands. This year the ceremony will be held in Grand Cayman on January 29, 2010.

Divers everywhere are invited to attend and honor the men and women who have played an important role in shaping the dive industry and who serve as inspiration for all divers. Whether you are passionate about dive travel, entertainment, equipment design and development, education, exploration and adventure, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow divers in a great setting, this is one weekend no diving enthusiast should miss!

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